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Business Acceleration
Business Acceleration

In order to help the development of clean airtechnologies, alliance provides professional acceleration services forenterprises:

●   Demand information:Through the research and investigation of environmental protection departmentand other government departments, enterprises in demand and other institutions,we can understand the demand of region for relevant fields in the near futureand the future, and find a suitable platform for technology implementation;

●   Preparation ofmarketing materials: With the demand of environmental protection departments fordifferent provinces and cities, targeted to edit technical information andapplication data case, form effective advertisement documents;

●   Conduct advertisementactivities: For technology and case, through the project seminar, promotionmeeting, expert project case study and other forms to introduce, then deeplycontact with the actual demand side;

●   Demonstrationprojects: promote technical demonstration pilot in the areas with demands;

●   Review of theproject: Carry out project review on the implemented project, issue a reviewreport.