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Patent Strategy
Patent Strategy

Through outputting the high-value patentstrategy consulting service, help the science-and-technology enterprise tocarry out intellectual property design, application and layout, supportresearch and development to upgrade due to its breakthrough innovation. Whileprotecting innovation, improve the commercial value of innovation and thecompetitiveness of the enterprises.

●   Patent excavation: Applyoriginal patent strategy methodology, systematically and deeply analyze theresult of innovation, form a large quantity of high quality patent applicationdocuments;

●   Innovation promotion: Provideinternational patent intelligence information, make scientific researchactivity following the frontier areas, use the patent thought, interact withresearch and development team, innovate research and development methods,improve the quality of research and development;

●   Patent layout: Innovative design patentportfolio around the core, carry out international competition analysis,combine the market forecast, design patent strategy, expand the scope ofprotection of the patent right as much as possible.