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City Air Quality Attainment Planning Manual
City Air Quality Attainment Planning Manual

Municipal Air Quality Attainment Planning Manual is developed by CAAC and China Academy of Environmental Planning (CAEP), which is designed to provide Chinese city governments with guidance for developing local plans to meet airquality standards. The manual is comprehensive; it offers a framework to create a plan from scratch, from the initial stages of making a commitment to develop a plan to monitoring and evaluation of implemented measures. For each sectionof the process, the manual provides clear, but also flexible, step-by-step instructions about execution, timeframe, and suggested personnel. Each section also exhibits useful tools that can be used and offers strategies to overcome common challenges.

The Index System assists cities with the following:
  • 1Guide the cities to develop their own air quality attainment plan;

  • 2Help cities have a comprehensive understanding of their advantages and disadvantages in the air quality management and air quality attainment through tools and methods that recommended in the manual when developing the plan;

  • 3Offer cities a list of air pollution control measures with assessment and evaluation o help cities to choose effective measures accordance with their own situation.  

Main Features

ComprehensiveSupport city air improvement efforts;

Provide a comprehensive framework for conducting air quality planning;

Illustrate step-by-step guidance to carry out air quality planning;

Integrate management and assessment tools for air quality analysis, performance evaluation, and cost-benefits analysis;

Demonstrate with samples and cases of both domestic and international experience.

Tool Applications

City Air Quality Attainment Planning Manual will be provided to cities as a handbook, and a special working group composed of relevant alliance experts will be established to support pilot and key cities to apply the manual and compile air quality attainment plans. Piloting experience will be shared through the alliance to support more cities to take actions.


Secretariat for Clean Air Alliance of China


CAAC and China Academy of Environmental Planning (CAEP)