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Alliance Organizations

Chongqing Institute of Environmental Science,meanwhile is Chongqing Centre of EnvironmentalMonitoring, is a comprehensive scientificresearch institution which is directly lead by Chongqing EnvironmentalProtection Bureau. The institute has formed an integrated research systemcontaining environmental monitoring, water environmental research, airenvironmentalresearch, noiseenvironmental research,ecologyenvironmental research,environmental planning, environmental impact assessment, consultation cleanerproduction, pollution and other components of disposal engineering research.Now.the institute have 178 technical person, among which 5 expertsenjoy thestate government allowance, 19 person are senior engineer and 86 person have masterdegree or above.Since “Eleven Five”,the institute hasundertaken 8 international cooperation projects, 20 national projects and 150  local project items, meanwhile won one firstprize of the Ministry of education, four second prize and four third prize ofMinistry of environmental protection and more than 20prize for progress inscience and technology in Chongqing. And also, more than 350 papers werepublished.

As early as 1979, the institute started toresearch on acid deposition. Since then, the institute assumed a national research project of acid rain,established theChongqing - Hiroshima acid rain research center,participated in the NorwegianIMPACTS project, and keep on being responsible for the relevant work on ChongqingRailway Station of China Network in the East Asia acid depositionMonitoring Network.

In 2001, the institute started to carry outresearch on haze and particles,undertaken research such as “implementationplan of blue sky action in Chongqing urban area”,“source apportionment of PM10inChongqing urban area” and awarded. In 2009, the super monitoring station have been constructedandin 2012,the key lab of

hasbeen constructed in the institute. Many national and provincial scientificresearch projects such as “characteristics and control of atmospheric haze in Chengduand Chongqing area”, “new implementation plan of blue sky action in Chongqing”were done and provided a favorable support for air pollution control inChongqing.

Chongqing Academy of Environmental Science joined in Clean Air Alliance of China in June, 2013, supporting and involving in various works in alliance.