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Black Carbon Prevention and Control Collaboration Network

In the area of clean air communications and networks, CAAC will organize a series of professional networks around key issues on air quality, which includes the Black Carbon Prevention and Control Collaboration Network. The Black Carbon Network will catalyze China’s black carbon research and management via information sharing, collaborative research projects, and organizing relevant activities.

What we do

We build communication network among experts and professionals in Black Carbon field from universities institutions, government agencies and Non-for-profit organizations. We collaborate with experts and professionals from the field to improve the impacts and control strategies of BC.

Information Sharing:

■ Publish special reports on impacts and control strategies of black carbon, which will be by core experts

■ Provide newsletters for black carbon network’s members, including core experts and the people who are interested in black carbon.

Collaborative Research:

■ Hold annual seminar for the core issues in black carbon research.

■ Launch proposal for special issues or activities, and promote the study process; submit policy recommendations based on the study.  

Key Institutes
Key Experts
Peking UniversityZhu Tong, Xie Shaodong
Chinese Academy of Environmental PlanningLei Yu
Vehicle Emission Control Center, MEPTang Dagang, Ding Yan
Shanghai Academy of Environmental ScienceChen Changhong
Tsinghua UniversityHao Jiming,He Kebin,Zhang Qiang,Wang Shuxiao,Wang Yixuan
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental ScienceBai Zhipeng, Gao Qingxian
Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CASLiao Hong, Zhang Renjian
Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CASHe Hong
China Meteorological AdministrationDing Yihui, Zhang Hua
Chinese Academy of Meteorological SciencesZhang Xiaoye
China Clean Stove AllianceXiaofu Chen
Institute of Earth Environment, CASCao Junji
Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CASXu Baiqing
Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, CASChen Yingjun
Lanzhou UniversityHuan Jianping
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