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Enterprise Services
Service goal

For the needs of alliance’s sustainable development, strengthen the collaboration between alliance members, integrate members’ advantages resources, create integrative overall environmental solutions, promote the alliance's role and level in the clean air environment industry.

  Industry Research

In order to help out standing cleantechnology to develop, the alliance conducts professional industrial researchfor enterprises:

●    Carry outstrategy and planning research on domestic enterprise development for the  transformation and upgrading aim of improving airquality. In the constant improvement of the environmental supervision and lawenforcement, provides in-depth study for the enterprise to apply environmentalprotection technology.

●    Overseastechnology carries out strategy research in domestic development, conduct a systematicanalysis of domestic industries, issue industry research report, help and supportoverseas technology to create developing strategy .

●    Draw up the technical plan of low carbon, energy saving andenvironmental protection, and carry out the implementation of the overallpackage for enterprises of the industrial park and other enterprises in demand;

Patent Strategy

Through outputting the high-value patentstrategy consulting service, help the science-and-technology enterprise tocarry out intellectual property design, application and layout, supportresearch and development to upgrade due to its breakthrough innovation. Whileprotecting innovation, improve the commercial value of innovation and thecompetitiveness of the enterprises.

●   Patent excavation: Applyoriginal patent strategy methodology, systematically and deeply analyze theresult of innovation, form a large quantity of high quality patent applicationdocuments;

●   Innovation promotion: Provideinternational patent intelligence information, make scientific researchactivity following the frontier areas, use the patent thought, interact withresearch and development team, innovate research and development methods,improve the quality of research and development;

●   Patent layout: Innovative design patentportfolio around the core, carry out international competition analysis,combine the market forecast, design patent strategy, expand the scope ofprotection of the patent right as much as possible.

Business Acceleration

In order to help the development of clean airtechnologies, alliance provides professional acceleration services forenterprises:

●   Demand information:Through the research and investigation of environmental protection departmentand other government departments, enterprises in demand and other institutions,we can understand the demand of region for relevant fields in the near futureand the future, and find a suitable platform for technology implementation;

●   Preparation ofmarketing materials: With the demand of environmental protection departments fordifferent provinces and cities, targeted to edit technical information andapplication data case, form effective advertisement documents;

●   Conduct advertisementactivities: For technology and case, through the project seminar, promotionmeeting, expert project case study and other forms to introduce, then deeplycontact with the actual demand side;

●   Demonstrationprojects: promote technical demonstration pilot in the areas with demands;

●   Review of theproject: Carry out project review on the implemented project, issue a reviewreport.

  Standard Setting

In order to help the rapid application anddevelopment of excellent clean technologies, the alliance provides professionalstandardization development services for enterprises:

●   Theestablishment and revision of the alliance group standards follow the principleof open, fair and transparent, consensus, trade promotion and communicational;

●   Projectapproval and standard approval of the alliance group standards are in thecharge of the group standards review committee. The members of the reviewcommittee shall be council member units;

●   The establishment and revision work of the alliance group standardsinclude: project establishment, drafting, hearingadvice, examination, approval,release, enforcement, publication and implementation, review, etc;

●   The alliance unified organizes the publication and implementation,promotion of group standards according to actual needs.

International Cooperation

The alliance has already establishedcooperative relations with 20 countries and more than 100 governments andnon-governmental organizations. By building domestic and foreign platforms, ithas provided docking and support for technology implementation:

●   Carry out exchanges andcommunication with many governments and non-governmental organizations such asthe government of California, and build an international exchange platform formembers by organizing groups to participate in the exhibition and other forms;

●   Establishclean technology docking platform with “the Belt and Road” countries includingIndia, Poland in order to build the bridge for the domestic environmentalprotection technology to go out and the international environmental protectiontechnology to come in.


Training camps, mentors and other modesprovide professional training services for the development of technologyenterprises through abundant online and offline training methods:

●   Carry out multiple-aspects of experienceand training sharing of latest environmental policy, environmental protectionand technology from Chinaand abroad ;

●   Organize common indicators training,including standardization, patents, industry frontier analysis sharing andother communication and training.