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Clean Air Alliance of China
Bluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA)

BCAA is the technology brand of the Clean Air Alliance of China. With the support of Zhongguancun Management Committee of Beijing government, BCAA was established in 2018 to promote the development of clean air technology industries in China through international technology transfer, investment service, and policy research.

Clean Air Alliance of China

The Clean Air Alliance of China is an integrated platform launched in 2013 by ten leading research institutes on air quality in China. It has collaborated with over 50 partners from nearly 20 countries. It has conducted and participated in various clean air policy, technology and market related research projects, carried out pilot projects in 10 provinces and cities in China, and published over 40 reports.

Overarching Goal

CAAC aims to protect public health, and make cities more livable and residents much happier, through the following:

a. Support establishing national clean air policies and strategies;

b. Assist local implementation and capacity building;

c. Promote clean technologies and green finance;

d. Raise awareness and educate the public.