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Province / city members:

  To receive a variety of support provided by CAAC parties, and promote clean air management, including
1.To build clean air management mechanism;
2.To make clean air and management plan;
3.To select and apply policy/management tools recommended by the CAAC and to develop clean air management;
4.To share cases and experiences during the clean air management;
5.To participate relevant activities arranged by the CAAC.

Institute Members:

To serve as a major technology and knowledge providers to participate in the activities of the CAAC, and support the province/city members to carry out the clean air management.
1.To participate in the development and application of clean air policy/management tools;
2.To support province/city members and other institutions to carry out the training, dissemination and promotion activities;
3.To participate in the activities of the CAAC actively;
4.To share academic results achieved in the relevant fields through CAAC's information platform.

The Process to Become a CAAC Member

1.Members join the CAAC and perform based on the principles of “voluntary, equity, and win-win”;
2.Download the appropriate registration form in accordance with the type of organization (provincial/city member or Institution Member);
3.Print the registration form and fill it out with the support of the CAAC Secretariat;
4.Email the scanned copy of the filled form to the CAAC Secretariat at, or via fax at 86 10 65696606 ext.8016;
5.The registration form will be reviewed by the Secretariat and submitted to CAAC Steering Committee for final approval. The decision of the CAAC Steering Committee will be formally communicated to the applicant organization through CAAC Secretariat.