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Alliance Secretariat
Alliance Secretariat
Alliance Secretariat Introduction

The Innovation Center for Clean-air Solutions (ICCS) is a professional organization dedicated to supporting sustainable development. Founded in 2012, through researching policies, assessing technologies, and encouraging investment, ICCS supports the work of policymakers, international development organizations, enterprises, investment entities. Since 2013, ICCS was acted as secretariat the Alliance, lead research efforts and manages collaboration efforts among various members. ICCS has launched the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance as a key funding member, and now is acting as the chairman of the board.

Bluetech Clean Air Alliance Secretariat Director

Tonny Xie

Link green policy needs with technology innovation and shape a cleaner future.
Bluetech Clean Air Alliance Secretariat Staff

Xuan Ling

Secretary General

Lianfei Li

Deputy Secretary General

Xin He

Project Manager

Gaoshan Men

Assistant Project Manager

Na Jia

Office Manager

Jing Li

Senior Policy Advisior

Xiaoning Shen

Senior Communication Advisor