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Position:»Clean Air Technology Assessment

Clean Air Technology Assessment
Clean Air Technology Assessment

The Clean Air Technology Assessment is designed for the following purposes:
  • 1Scientifically assess clean air technologies and publicize key performance metrics and technical advantages of each technology

  • 2Guide potential users to find technologies and products that specifically meet their unique demands

  • 3Support policy makers to locate the best available technologies for implementating policies  

  • 4Help investors recognize technologies with significant investment potential  

Main Features

1. The real-life effect/result focused

2. Systematically examines technologies for breakthrough potential in terms of environmental impact, technical performance and economic viability

3. Uses a standardized, unified framework, including procedures and data QA/QC requirement

4. Integrates a various methods including document auditing, expert reviews, on-site examinations and laboratory testing

5.Customized assessment protocols for every technology category to fully analyze their unique technical performances

6.The assessment is participated by leading Chinese and international experts in the field of clean air technology

Tool Applications

Main Application Steps

Relevant Links
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