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City Clean Air Management Index System
City Clean Air Management Index System

The Municipal Clean Air Management Index System is a comprehensive and systematic tool, which can help cities to evaluate and analyze the performance of cities, and guide the implementation of improvement activities in the field of air quality management and policies.

The Index System assists cities with the following:
  • 1Help cities carry out comprehensive assessment on the status of their air quality and air quality management, in order to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own existing air quality management system;

  • 2Assist cities to build a long-term effective clean air management system;

  • 3Support cities select appropriate clean air measures, and prioritize selected measures so as to formulate effective actions.  

  • 4Provide information channels for cities to access the management experience, and performance of other cities;  

  • 5Provide municipalities a platform to demonstrate their efforts, innovations and achievements in clean air management.  

Main Features

Comprehensive external evaluation of clean air management;

Assist cities to carry out self-assessment;

Evaluation addresses the establishment and improvement of clean air management system;

Assess the efforts made by the city in the clean air management;

Assessment results combined with the city's future actions.      

Tool Applications

The methodology of the index system is accordance with the extensive trials in the field of management system Deming cycle, namely the PDCA (Plan - Do - Check - Action) cycle. The Municipal Clean Air Index System will carry out in accordance with the logical structure of the PDCA implemented as follows:

Plan:The status of the city's air quality and air quality management through the use of relevant indicators to which comprehensive assessments can be made.

Do:Indicators will assess the results, through the use of the index system action guidance and the list of measures to guide the city in taking effective measures to improve the effectiveness of air quality management from the level of policy and management.

Check:Combine relevant indicators as well as the city action checklist to assess the systematicness and integrity of the clean air management system built by the city, along with determining the feasibility and effectiveness of the goals and measures.

Action:Action is based on the results of the assessment to develop a set of improvement plans in accordance with the characteristics of the city itself, and ultimately achieve continuous improvement in the air quality effect.

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