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Integrated Measures
Compile Air Quality Attainment Planning
Source Category Pollutants Related Authorities Cost Summary
Integrated Measures-Integrated planning Multi Pollutants Local Government, Local EPA TBD This measure will improve the air quality in an integrated way through attaining the air quality objectives.

The purpose of this measure is to improve air quality by implementing series of pollution control measures though government enforcement in an integrated way to achieve the air quality objectives set by central government.


The air quality attainment planning is the government enforceable plan for key cities which identifies how that State will attain and/or maintain the secondary Ambient Air Quality Standards. Each city is required to have an air quality attainment plan which contains the control measures and strategies developed through a public process, formally adopted by the city, and submitted by the Governor's designee to EPA (which EPA must formally act on) as revisions to their plan to attain and maintain the national ambient air quality standards. Elements of an air quality attainment plan, which is extensive, contains such elements as emission inventories, monitoring network, an air quality analysis, modeling results, attainment demonstrations, enforcement mechanisms, and regulations which have been adopted by the city to attain or maintain Ambient Air Quality Standards.

Expected Results

Emission Reduction TBD Exposure Reduction This measure will reduce city‐wide population exposure to air pollutants. Co‐benefits TBD Emission Reduction Trade‐offs: None identified.

Related Authorities

Local Government, Local EPA

Implementation Action

 Commit to achieve the air quality objectives and form a dedicated team  Conduct data collection, inventory list, cost-benefit analysis to assess the performance  Create attainment plan including control measures and strategies to achieve the air quality requirements in a giving period.  Implement the plan and evaluate the process



Monitoring Mechanisms

 Program success will be monitored using city air quality monitoring network to compare the data to the air quality objectives  Tracking local authorities participation and implementation with the attainment plan