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Position:BCAA News»The Waste Separation and Recycling Innovation Forum Was Successfully Held, Guiding Innovation and Technology Research and Development

The Waste Separation and Recycling Innovation Forum Was Successfully Held, Guiding Innovation and Technology Research and DevelopmentPost date: 2019-09-05

The "Shanghai Regulations on the Administration of Domestic Waste" was officially implemented in July this year. Shanghai took the lead in the battle of waste classification, which has provoked heated discussion through out the country. On September 5th, 2019, Beihang National University Science and Technology Park, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance jointly hosted the "Innovation Forum on Waste Classification,Recovery and Treatment" in Beijing.

The forum brought together nearly 100 domestic and foreign experts in the field of garbage classification, including government officials and representatives of scientific and technological enterprises. This facilitated for in-depth exchange and discussion on topics such as scientific and technological research and development, technological innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, andprotection of intellectual property rights in garbage classification and recovery and treatment.

In response to existing social problems,Beihang has made classified treatment and recycling of garbage the focus ofindustry-university-research cooperation and transformation of scientific andtechnological achievements. “Beihang has taken waste sorting treatment andrecycling as the focus of industry-university-research cooperation and scientific and technological achievements. Liu Xiaolong, general manager of Beihang National University Science Park, said in the conference. “Waste classification and recycling involves both social governance innovation and technological product innovation. Beihang National University Science Park will give full play to its five major functions, unite professional alliances, face major social needs, hold innovation forums, effectively link government, universities and enterprises, and strive to achieve industrial education, industrial promotion and research, and industrial empowerment in universities."

In the conference, Liu Jianguo, professorof Tsinghua University Environment Institute and director of the Institute of Solid Waste Control and Resource Research, delivered a keynote speech titled:"Analysis on the Priority Direction and Bottleneck Problems of Garbage Classification in China". He made a systematic interpretation of the core policies of garbage classification and management, and defined the development direction of "practical experience in the international field of systematic thinking and scientific methods". Liu Jianguo suggested that garbage disposal urgently needs the coordinated development of a complete chain of classified delivery, classified collection, classified transportation and classified disposal, supplemented by a social responsibility system with clear boundary division of labor. It should be promoted from a multi-dimensional system including culture, facilities, legal system, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of the garbage disposal industry, realize the coordinated development of recycling resources and garbage disposal, and construct a Chinese model of garbage classification and disposal. Many countries have valuable experience in the field of garbage classification and treatment.

Beihang University has strong scientific research strength, has a large number of research results in new materials, newenergy, green economy and other fields, and has accumulated many innovative technologies in waste classification and treatment. During the conference,Professor Yang Jun of Beihang University delivered a keynote speech "from 0 to 1: Insects Eat Plastic", which revealed the mystery of insects eatingplastic and degrading plastic, and opened up a new way to remove refractory solid wastes, including directly degrading plastic. Wu Guoqing, associate professor of Beihang University Materials Department, systematically introducedthe overall framework of e-waste recycling treatment in the panel discussion of the forum, and made in-depth explanation on the process design, research and development of key equipment, secondary utilization of recycled materialsinvolved in the process of e-waste engineering recycling and reuse, and looked forward to the prospect and development of e-waste treatment industry trend.

The forum specially invited Liu Xiao,Senior Technical Consultant of the German international cooperation agency(GIZ), and Chang Xinjie, Vice President of Tao Lang Sorting Technology (Xiamen)Co., Ltd. to share the status quo of solid waste management and waste classification management experience in Germany and northern Europe respectively for on-site technical enterprises, to propose a recycling economy model for China's waste-free cities, and to discuss the waste classification recovery and treatment system with Chinese characteristics.

China's energy conservation andenvironmental protection industry has achieved very rapid growth in recent years. Since 2016, in the field of environmental protection, China's patent application volume has continuously exceeded 70% of the global application volume, but the patent quality needs to be improved urgently. This forum specially invited Director Tonny Xie of Bluetech Clean Air Alliance to carry out training entitled "Patent Strategy for Science and Technology Enterprises". Mr. Xie said, "Our research shows that China's clean air market will exceed 20 trillion yuan by 2030, and China will continue to become the world's largest clean technology market. However, many scientific research institutes and scientific and technological enterprises in the fieldof energy conservation and environmental protection in China have very limited knowledge of patents and cannot use patents as "weapons" to carry out effective commercial competition. As the official partner of WIPO GREEN Project of the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance is promoting the promotion of patent awareness in the field of green technology, cultivation of high-value patents, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and international transfer, so that our green technology industry can be truly strengthened and "core" while expanding.

The panel discussion of this forum also invited Professor Sun Guorui from Beihang Law School, Chief Engineer Zhang Zongke from Beihang Intellectual Property Transfer Office, and Researcher Jiang Lijun from the Ecological Environment Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences to discuss topics such as the revision of the Patent Law, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in universities,and Beijing's future garbage classification policy.

At the end of the forum, Liu Xiaolong,general manager of Beihang National University Science Park, said, "In the future, Beihang National University Science Park will actively rely on the scientific research resources of Beihang University to promote the concept of garbage classification and recycling, to carry out extensive cooperation, to build a research platform for garbage classification and recycling, to strongly support innovative and entrepreneurial activities in the fields of intelligent garbage classification, fine recycling and recycling, to strengthen the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in garbage classification,recycling and treatment technologies, and to serve Beihang and the society."