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Position:BCAA News»Fostering High-value Patent to Support Blue Sky Defending War

Fostering High-value Patent to Support Blue Sky Defending War Post date: 2019-10-30

To win the battle of “Defending Blue Skies” in China, the government has strengthened policy guidance and the force of supervision over pollution. With the aid of industries responding positively and investment being increased, China has become the world’s largest market for green technology. Xie Hongxing, director of the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance, said in an interview with China intellectual property news that from initial estimations, clean air technology (including new energy vehicles, coal pollution prevention and control, VOCs pollution prevention and control of industrial source ,in-door air pollution prevention and control, environmental monitoring, mobile source pollution emission prevention and control), China’s clean air technology market will be more than 20 trillion yuan by 2030. As china is currently in the process of developing its clean air market, many obstacles such as how to effectively promote industrial development and enhance technical competitiveness are raised. Cultivating high-value patents is one path that the industry is currently exploring, looking into how to effectively promote the development of the industries and increase the technical competitiveness.

Innovation surges with worrying quality

With the government’s attention increasingly drawn towards investing in environmental protection issues in recent years, under the promotion of the market, the industries related to air pollution control have rapidly developed with new scientific and technological innovations continually emerging; an example of such is illustrated by the coal pollution control technology and environmental monitoring technology.

Although innovations in the environmental protection field are surging, these innovative achievements come at the expense of the patent quality. Mr. Xie pointed out that although there are large amounts of environmental technology patents and the growth rate is fast,  the core patents are rare and the oversea distribution is small. Applications of patent related air pollution prevention and control only account for 35% of the environmental patent application. In addition, China is one of the core distributors of environmental patents in Europe, America and Japan.

The environmental patents of Europe, the United States and Japan are systematically distributed in the international market. For example, only 8% of the environmental patents from German patentees are distributed in their own countries, where the remainder is distributed internationally. In contrast, 96% of the environmental patents from Chinese patentees are only distributed in China as the export of this environmental technology is still in its infancy.

Cultivate patents to increase value

Since 2017, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance has started the incubation of high-value clean technology patents, aiming to promote the high quality and rapid development of the industry. Relying on industrial resources and introducing domestic and foreign intellectual property experts, the alliance has taken the first step to cultivate high-value patents.

Mr. Xie introduced that, while the focus has generally focused on monitoring large quantities of data, new energy vehicles, smart travel, energy storage, new environmental material, bio-energy and other clear technology fields developing rapidly, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance on the other hand, pays particular attention to increasing awareness, understanding of the patent system, intellectual property management system of related parties and pay more attention to the patent quality. To cultivate high-value patents, the alliance will conduct a pilot of the selected leading technology companies in clean technology, organize a professional intellectual property team and cooperate with them, according to the phase of the enterprise development, industry competitiveness and the characteristics of the industries. The alliance further extends their aid to help combine the exploration and distribution of patents with a business strategy and via research and development of the enterprises and performing targeted patent distribution, enterprises can cultivate high-value patents and patent portfolios.

Moreover, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance has cooperated with more than 100 professional partners in the field of clean technology and more than 20 countries globally through the Bluetech technology solicitation. Bluetech Clean Air Alliance will rely on the established foundation of the international cooperation to promote the entry of small international technology companies into China and promote China's advanced green technology to go out and support the global clean technology development.

Source: This is the translation of a news from China Intellectual Property News.

Author: Ren LIU