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Position:BCAA News»The 7th WIPO GREEN Annual Partnership Meeting in Geneva

The 7th WIPO GREEN Annual Partnership Meeting in GenevaPost date: 2019-11-15

On 14th November 2019, the 7th WIPO GRREEN annual partnership meeting, hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), was held in Geneva, Switzerland. As a new strategic partner this year, the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA) attend the meeting.

The 7th annual meeting was chaired by Ms. Marion (Amy) Dietterich, Director of the WIPO GREEN project. The meeting reviewed the overall progress of WIPO GREEN project in 2019 and discussed the specific implementation of the five-year medium-term strategic plan of the WIPO GREEN. Mr. Minelik Alemu Getahun, the Assistant Director General of WIPO, attended the whole sessions of the meeting. Representatives from Switzerland, China, the United States, Germany, Japan and Spain attended the meeting. Mr. Hongxing Xie, director of the BCAA was invited to deliver a keynote speech about the market outlook of clean air technology in China. Mr. Xie pointed that China is the world’s largest market for cleantech and clean energy, China will plays a crucial role in the development of global green technology. He suggest WIPO GREEN to kick off more collaboration projects in China, to strength the cooperation with China’s green technology enterprises,demanders and investment institutions. Mr. Xie’s speech received widely attention from participators. After the meeting, the Assistant Director Generalof WIPO, Mr. Getahun, highlighted that he would be happy to see more collaboration activities in China in 2020 through the joint efforts between BCAA and WIPO GREEN team.

On 15th November, BCAA and WIPO held a bilateral meeting to have a in-depth discussion about the specific cooperation of WIPO GREEN project in China. The topics include the intellectual property training for green technology industries, international green technology transfer promotion, and special cooperation regarding the 3rd China International Import Expo.

WIPO GREEN program is an interactive market place that promotes innovation and diffusion of green technologies via connecting technology and service providers with those seeking innovative solutions. Globally, WIPO GREEN network has 6,000 members that covers170 countries. WIPO GREEN currently has 94 partners from around the globe and 5 partners in China (excluding 3 partners in Hong Kong). In July 2019, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) formally approved the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance as its 8th strategic partner in China to support WIPO GREEN program.