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Position:BCAA News»Member Progress: Accelerating the Global Development of Hydrogen Energy by Air Liquide

Member Progress: Accelerating the Global Development of Hydrogen Energy by Air LiquidePost date: 2019-12-31

As a council member of the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA), Air Liquide Group (referred to as Air Liquide) has always focused on the global layout of hydrogen energy. Recently, according to the Gas World report, Mr. Pierre-Etienne Frank, Vice President of Hydrogen Energy World Business Line of Air Liquide, introduced Air Liquide’s important progress on Hydrogen Energy: by 2019, Air Liquide has extended the hydrogen-energy-related business to North America, Asia, and Europe.

In North American, Air Liquide acquired parts equities of Hydrogenics Corporation (Canada) for $ 20.5 million. Hydrogenics Corporation focuses on the field of electrolytic hydrogen equipment and fuel cells manufacuture. Thereafter, Air Liquide has maintained its shares in Hydrogenics Corporation, while Cummins acquired Hydrogenics Corporation. Additionally, Air Liquide started to construct the world's most giant PEM electrolytic cell in Bekancourt (Quebec). The electrolytic cell is 20MW and aiming to produce green hydrogen for industrial customers. Moreover, Air Liquide announced that it would produce renewable liquid hydrogen at a plant in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The project will produce hydrogen by the separation membrane technology, the technology can purify renewable natural gas (RNG) from biogas, and it can produce 30 tons of liquid hydrogen per day. If the project is working, it will increase the region's hydrogen supply, and it might increase California's hydrogen refueling stations to 200 by 2025.

In Asia, Air Liquide has signed several agreements to promote hydrogen energy in China and formulated a development plan for hydrogen energy infrastructure and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. On November 6, Sinopec and Air Liquide signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in the presence of China's and France's presidents, aimed to accelerate the hydrogen infrastructure network of China. Besides, the group has opened several hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) in Asia: including three in Shanghai, three in Japan and one in South Korea. In the framework of MoU, the two companies will enhance their regional cooperation step by step to facilitate the hydrogen industry development in China. As an important city of the “Hydrogen Corridor” program at Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai will make full use of its location advantages, with a focus on infrastructure construction and accumulate experience for the scale development of the hydrogen energy industry.Also, Air Liquide has participated in the establishment of joint ventures among 13 private companies in South Korea and plans to deploy 100 hydrogen refueling stations in South Korea by 2022.

In Europe, Germany plans to build 100 hydrogen refueling stations in 2020 through H2 Mobility (partner of Air Liquide). By the end of November 2019, Germany has nearly 80 hydrogen refueling stations in operation. Furthermore,  Air Liquide announced to set up a project in France that can produce green hydrogen energy on an industrial scale. Therefore, Air Liquide, Engie, DLVA jointly signed an MoU. If the project is implemented, 1300gwh solar energy can be produced annually for hydrogen production.

Note: This article is produced with references from the news report of Air liquide China WeChat account and Air Liquide Website.