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Position:BCAA News»First Meeting of the WIPO GREEN Core Committee Held

First Meeting of the WIPO GREEN Core Committee HeldPost date: 2020-10-26

On September 3rd 2020, World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) launched the first Core Committee meeting on WIPO GREEN Programme. Members of the WIPO GREEN secretariat and 10 other core committee members from countries including China, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, and Denmark attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by director of the Global Challenge Division, Global Issues Sector (WIPO), Amy Dietterich. Director of Bluetech Clean Air Alliance, Tonny Xie, participated this meeting as one of the core committee members.

Assistant Director General of WIPO, Minelik Alemu Getahun, gave his speech at the meeting. He expressed gratitude and welcome to the members of the core committee, and emphasized that while the world is focused on Covid-19 and the uncertainty associated with the pandemic, the reality remains that climate change and biodiversity loss have the potential to impact people’s lives on an even greater scale. Extreme weather events associated with climate change are having devastating impacts on the lives of people around the world, further underscoring that climate change remains a global human challenge of the century, one that will be passed on to future generations unless action is taken now. Mr.Getahun also pointed out that towards WIPO Green’s mission of accelerating adoption, adaptation, and deployment of green technology solutions, active participation of WIPO GREEN core committee will contribute to increased value for users.

The meeting first passed the terms of reference by the core committee, then discussed topics including duties of the core committee, WIPO GREEN platform redesign, and future directions of WIPO GREEN. The meeting confirmed that strengthening marketing and communication functions is a main part in WIPO GREEN’s strategic plan, and there shall be at least three meetings each year for the core committee. Ms. Dietterich pointed out that the objective of the Core Committee is to help implementing and achieving WIPO GREEN’s five-year strategic plan, moreover, she proposed to redesign the WIPO GREEN platform and increase demand. Committee members brought forward their constructive opinions on each topic discussed. During the discussion of the WIPO GREEN database, Director Xie recommended an assessment or selection function to be added to the database to enhance matchmaking therefore improve the expansion of core technologies. He also suggested WIPO GREEN to increase its attention on China and consider landing pilot programs of technology transfer and intellectual property awareness raising program in China in collaboration with local green technology stakeholders.  

WIPO GREEN is a platform funded and established by WIPO in 2013, in order to cope with climate change and promote international cooperation on green technology. Its mission is to promote the creation, application, transfer, and communication of green technology solutions among developed and developing countries, to bridge global technology seekers and providers, and to provide series of services that benefit business transactions. Its framework consists of two parts, WIPO Green database and WIPO GREEN Global Collaboration Network. In July 2020, Tonny Xie, Director of Bluetech Clean Air Alliance, was invited to join the WIPO GREEN core committee. The committee will make recommendations on the strategic direction relevant to the activities and long-term development of WIPO GREEN, priority area and topics, strategic partnerships and operational models and other activities that could contribute to the achievement of WIPO GREEN’s goals and objectives. The core committee will consist up to 12 members, which represents the organizational diversity of WIPO GREEN partners from policy, business/finance, and technical spheres, it also seeks a regional balance. Members of this term of the core committee also include Climate Technology Centre and Network (Denmark), Fujistu Limited (Japan), Kenya Climate Innovation Center, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Asian Development Bank, and other organization and businesses.