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Position:BCAA News»Experts Review Meeting was Held on the Clean Air Project of National Key Technologies R&D Program

Experts Review Meeting was Held on the Clean Air Project of National Key Technologies R&D ProgramPost date: 2020-11-30

On November 30, 2020, the experts review meetingon “Key Technologies for Air Pollution Certification and Prevention and Clean Air Management Evaluation"under the National Key Technologies R&D Program was held in Beijing. Innovation Center for Cleantech Solutions (ICCS), the director unit of the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA), participated in the meeting as a task undertaker.

During the Conference, the task undertaking units reported the key progress, outputs and outcome of the project. The expert group listened to the report and put forward experts’ opinions and suggestions.Experts included Wang Xiaodong, Secretary General of China Metrology Association, Zhao Chen, researcher of GS1 China, Mao Xianqiang, Professor of Beijing Normal University, Fan Aihong, researcher of China Certification &Accreditation Institute.

In the implementationof the project, BCAA provided a systematic platform to support ICCS in achieving a number of outputs, including literature review and data collection,pilot testing in Beijing and Changzhou, patent application and etc. As aresult, the reviewing experts reached consensus that ICCS has completed all required tasks of the project and achieved all planned targets. In future, BCAA will continue collaborate with ICCS to find more opportunities to apply the designed air quality management tools in more cities both within China and abroad.