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Position:BCAA News»BCAA Completed the Nomination of the 2021

BCAA Completed the Nomination of the 2021 Post date: 2021-01-31

By 31st January, 2021, the Earthshot Prize initiated by Prince William of the UK completed the nomination collection for the first round of selection. As an Official Nominator for The Earthshot Prize, the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA) completed the nomination of the "Earthshot" prize for 2021.

The Earthshot Prize is an annual environmental award launched in 2020 by Prince William. A group of green philanthropists and organizations  are involved as funders and promoters,  including Aga Khan Development Network, Bloomberg Philanthropies, DP World in partnership with Dubai EXPO 2020, the Jack Ma Foundation, etc. The prize aims to collect 50 breakthrough innovative solutions between 2021 and 2030 in the five categories: “The Restoration and Protection of Nature”, “Air Cleanliness”, “Ocean Revival”, “Waste-Free Living” and “Climate Action”.  

Every year, five outstanding projects will be selected from the projects nominated by more than 200 nominating institutions around the world and a £1 million prize will be awarded annually for each of them. Moreover, after the awards, each winner will receive a global platform and prestigious profile, with their stories being showcased over the decade with the ambition that their solutions lead to mass adoption, replication and scaling.

BCAA welcomes more innovative technologies and projects to contact us and establish cooperation through schemes and activities, such as Bluetech Award Program, Patent Incubation and Protection Program,, “Innovation for a Green Future” IP Training Events, and etc.  In future, BCAA will continue to nominate innovative green solutions to the "Earthshot" prize platform to show the world Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions, and lead the world to a cleaner future.