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Position:BCAA News»Invitation of IP Acceleration Camp for Green SMEs

Invitation of IP Acceleration Camp for Green SMEsPost date: 2021-04-20

You are sincerely invited to participate in the "IP Acceleration Camp for Green SMEs" held in Beijing on April 27, 2021. The event is host by Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office and the WIPO Office in China, and is organized by Bluetech Clean Air Alliance. The Acceleration Camp will invite international and domestic experts from green industry, intellectual property and law as lecturers to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by green innovation under carbon neutrality.

As the global situation of the 2019-nCoV has been contained to some extent, how to live in harmony with nature, cope with climate crisis and achieve green economic recovery has become important issues in the post-epidemic era. In September 2020, while at the 75th of the United Nations General Assembly, President Xi Jinping announced that China aims to reach carbon emission peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. To realize carbon neutrality, the key is to promote and apply green technological innovation, while the green SMEs play an important role in technological innovation and technology transfer. To create favorable conditions for SMEs so as to promote innovation, economic recovery and job creation, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) chose “IP & SMEs: Taking your ideas to market” as the theme of 2021 World IP Day.

In order to celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day in 2021 and raise the awareness of IP for green SMEs, Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office and the WIPO Office in China plan to host the 2021 World Intellectual Property Day special training event "IP Acceleration Camp for Green SMEs". Bluetech Clean Air Alliance is the organizer of this event. The Acceleration Camp will invite international and domestic experts from green industry, intellectual property and law as lecturers to help green SMEs understand the technology business strategy centered on IP, learn the relevant international IP system and tools, and systematically raise the awareness of intellectual property. This camp is also the Third Event of "Innovation for a Green Future" Special IP Training Events in China, and part of WIPO GREEN local activities in China. In this event, the following topics will be covered in the lectures and panels:  

Lecture Topic 1: Green Technology Innovation and Market Outlook towards Carbon Neutrality

In September 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward the goal that China will achieve carbon emission peak in 2030 and carbon neutrality in 2060 at the United Nations General Assembly. It is obvious that in order to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, great clean changes will take place in China's energy, transportation, industry, building and other fields. By 2050, experts predict that China will form more than 100 trillion RMB markets for green technology driven by carbon neutrality. In this lecture, the speaker will forecast and provide an outlook of the development of green technology and market based on the scenario analysis of energy and economic development in 2060 targeting at China’s carbon neutrality, revealing the trend of future clean technology evolution.

Lecture Topic 2: Intellectual Property Strategy of Green Technology Enterprises

Intellectual property strategy is an important part of enterprise strategy. However, many domestic technology enterprises, especially green technology enterprises, have limited knowledge of intellectual property, especially on patents. As a result, they cannot effectively use IP strategies to carry out business competition, and miss the opportunity to increase profits and growth and international development. This lecture will give a systematic training on the following knowledge combined with relevant cases: Problems in the development of green science and technology patents? What is patent? How to match business strategy with patent strategy? What mistakes will enterprises make in patent work? Why should enterprises cultivate high-value patents? Why do enterprises need to distribute patents internationally? How should the enterprise build IP management system?

Lecture Topic 3: Green IP-How Can WIPO Help You?

In order to promote innovation, application, transfer and dissemination of green technology solutions in developing and developed countries, WIPO established the international cooperation platform of WIPO GREEN in 2013 to build a communication bridge for global technology providers and demanders, and provide a series of services to facilitate mutually beneficial business transactions. This lecture will systematically introduce the cooperation network, data platform and IP support system built and provided by WIPO GREEN for global green innovators, and systematically explain how WIPO will support the accelerated development and transfer of GREEN innovation technologies around the world.

Lecture Topic 4: Intellectual Property Management of Small and Medium-sized Technology Companies

In the process of enterprise intellectual property management, there is still a misunderstanding of "strengthening the company first, then protecting the intellectual property". In fact, for small and medium-sized technology companies, intellectual property may play a crucial role in the enterprises’ early development. This lecture will focus on intellectual property management ideas, key points of intellectual property risk control and intellectual property empowerment path of small and medium-sized technology companies, so as to help participants understand how small and medium-sized technology companies should carry out intellectual property management scientifically and effectively.

Panel 1: Green Investment, Financing and Intellectual Property

In the development process of green small and medium-sized technology enterprises, the capital bottleneck is a big challenge. With the “3060” target putting forward, many capitals have begun to pay attention to the investment opportunities of China's green technology. How to seize the historical opportunity and use the power of capital to raise the attention to intellectual property, and accelerate the high-quality development of green industries in the process of investment and financing of green technology enterprises will become the focus of this panel. On the one hand, this panel will analyze the intellectual property issues that green technology investors are concerned about. On the other hand, representatives of green enterprises will be invited to share their thoughts and practices on intellectual property related issues in corporate financing and mergers and acquisitions.

Panel 2: Innovation and Intellectual Property towards Carbon Neutrality

Achieving the goal of carbon neutrality in 2060 will bring profound changes to China's overall industrial and economic structure, and will continue to build China as the world's largest green technology market. The green technology innovators and investors around the world are looking for opportunities in China. However, in the transfer and development of innovative technologies, intellectual property will always be a very key factor for landing the project. In this panel, guests will be invited to discuss the relationship and influence between intellectual property and the future direction of green innovation, the transfer of international green technology, and R&D cooperation of green technology.

For this event, the main venue will be in Beijing, and the event will provide live broadcasting for online participation with simultaneous interpretation (Chinese and English). Please click and download the Registration Form. If you are interested, please send the completed form to before 20th April, 2021.

For any questions, please email