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Position:BCAA News»“IP Acceleration Camp for Green SMEs” Was Successfully Organized in Beijing

“IP Acceleration Camp for Green SMEs” Was Successfully Organized in BeijingPost date: 2021-04-30

On April 27, the Third Event of "Innovation for a Green Future" Special IP Training Events "IP Acceleration Camp for Green SMEs" was successfully organized in Beijing. The event was hosted by the WIPO Office in China and the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office (BMIPO), and organized by the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA).

"The theme of World IP Day 2021 is ‘IP & SMEs: Taking your ideas to market’, which aims to further explore how SMEs can use intellectual property to create economic value and employment opportunities and promote their business goals." Liu Hua, Director of WIPO China Office, said in her speech, " Established by WIPO in 2013, WIPO GREEN provides support and assistance to the development and protection of green technologies. As an online market of sustainable technology, WIPO GREEN connects the technology and service providers with the seekers of innovative environmental solutions, and promotes the innovation and dissemination of green technologies."

Mr. Pan Xinsheng, Deputy Director of the BMIPO, pointed out in his speech, " We invite international and domestic experts from green industry, intellectual property and law, and representatives of green SMEs to gather here today. I hope that everyone can inspire each other, and to form a long-term mechanism for systematic training, explore a new path for intellectual property to promote innovation and development of green technologies, leverage the power of think tanks, jointly become builders, contributors and beneficiaries of the development of capital’s green economy, promote Beijing to become an intellectual property highland which contributes to global green development.

Mr. Liu Jian, Deputy Director General of International Cooperation Department of China National Intellectual Property Administration noted that innovation is the first driving force to lead development, and protecting intellectual property means protecting innovation. Pollution prevention, energy conservation and emission reduction must be driven by scientific and technological progress and innovation, and the important achievement of green innovation is intellectual property of green technology. As the capital city of China, Beijing has continuously strengthened the function construction of four centers: political center, cultural center, international communication center and scientific and technological innovation center, and has made many achievements in the international communication and cooperation of intellectual property. The organizer of this event, the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance, which is the core partner of WIPO GREEN Project in China, has carried out a number of specific cooperation with WIPO since joining the WIPO GREEN platform in 2019. "

Hongxing Xie, director of BCAA, the organizer of this event, gave a lecture entitled "Intellectual Property Strategy of Green Technology Enterprises ". He addressed that “the development of carbon-neutral technologies is facing international technological competition and the core of technologies is intellectual property. Enterprises should raise their awareness of intellectual property, develop patent strategies that matching their business goals, and integrate industry and technology insights, patent awareness and business strategies into the process of R&D, patent cultivation and deployment ".

Marion “Amy” Dietterich, Director of Global Challenges Division at WIPO, delivered a special lecture on "Green IP-How Can WIPO Help You?". "I want to quote a well-known green technology investor, Mr. John Doerr, who said that there has never been a better time than now to start or accelerate a green technology venture. This is where WIPO GREEN comes in. We are here to help green technology innovators to accelerate their ventures. We are also here to help those who are searching for green technologies to identify them." She also pointed out, "We are also currently working on a report on hydrogen development and that is being prepared in partnership with BCAA. We are looking forward to hopefully conducting an acceleration project again in partnership with BCAA in China to enable a super accelerator for green innovations in China. "

Zhao Lijie, director of Intellectual Property Department of Yinghe Law Firm, introduced the intellectual property management ideas, key points of intellectual property risk control and intellectual property empowerment path of SMEs. "The intellectual property management of enterprises may need to grasp five core issues, namely the objectives, objects, concepts, principles and gripper. All enterprises regardless of the size should pay attention to intellectual property management, and use internal and external professional strength to do a good job in intellectual property layout, risk control, operation and empowerment. " Director Zhao finally stressed that "respecting and attaching importance to intellectual property is necessary for the sound development of all enterprises."

In the development process of green small and medium-sized technology enterprises, the financial bottleneck is a huge challenge. With the “3060” target putting forward, many capitals have begun to pay attention to the investment opportunities of China's green technology. The event organized a panel discussion regarding how to seize the historical opportunity and use the power of capital to raise the attention to intellectual property, and accelerate the high-quality development of green industries in the process of investment and financing of green technology enterprises. The panel invited Mr. Cao Hongfeng (CEO of Ming Chuan Group), Ms. Liu Hongyan (General Manager of CECEP Fund Management Corporation), Ms. Wei Pengna (Vice President of Beijing SDL Technology), Mr. Wang Dongxiang (Managing Partner of Tsinghua Technology Transfer Fund), and Mr. Zhang Le (Deputy General Manager of Beijing IP) to participate in the discussion.

"The key to achieving carbon neutrality is to promote and apply green innovations, while green innovations need the support of scientific and technological progress, and the protection and encouragement of intellectual property system." Said Mr. Pan Xinsheng, Deputy Director General of the BMIPO at the event. The event organied another panel discussion on the topic of technology innovation and IP towards carbon neutral. Five panelists were invited for the discussion, including Mr. Kenji SOMENO (Chief Adviser of Japan International Cooperation Agency China Office), Mr. Wang Yu (Head of Legal Affairs and Intellectual Property of National Innovation Center of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles), Mr. Zheng Jiatu (Secretary General of China Blectric Vehicle Charing Technology and Industry Alliance), Mr. Zhao Lijian (President of Carbon Trust China) and Mr. Zhou Yuguang (Professor of China Agricultural University).

"This event also received the support from Council of Industry and Technology Alliances In Z-Park, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Committee of Green Circular and Inclusive Development of All-China Environment Federation, Energy Conservation Technology Promotion Committee of China Energy Conservation Association, China Blectric Vehicle Charing Technology and Industry Alliance, University of Science and Technology Beijing National Science Park, Nanjing YRD ECO Development.R.I Hanhai Jiaxing S&T Entrepreneurship Incubator, BUAA Tianhui Incubator and Plug and Play China. About 200 participants attended the meeting, comprising of domestic and international representatives of researchers, technology enterprises and investors. In addition, the event also set up an online broadcast, attracting nearly 100 international and domestic participants. This camp is the Third Event of "Innovation for a Green Future" Special IP Training Events in China, and part of WIPO GREEN local activities in China. In the future, the organizers will continue to launch online and offline intellectual property training activities on green technology.