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Position:BCAA News»BCAA Was Invited to the 2021 Zero-Carbon Mission International Climate Summit and Released the “Evaluation of Green Innovation Ability of Listed Companies

BCAA Was Invited to the 2021 Zero-Carbon Mission International Climate Summit and Released the “Evaluation of Green Innovation Ability of Listed Companies Post date: 2021-09-24

   In order to actively promote the national vision ofcarbon neutrality and the realization of global temperature control objectives,Phoenix Satellite TV and WWF organized the 2021 Zero-Carbon MissionInternational Climate Summit with the theme of "Global Carbon Neutralityand China's Role" on September 24, 2021. The summit is aim to gather allthe resources to fully arouse the enthusiasm of the enterprises to participatein climate change action. So as to provide diversified guidance and servicesfor local governments and enterprises in the process of achieving carbon peakand carbon neutrality. The guidance and services include strategic planning,technology application, achievement display, knowledge sharing, internationalexchange and etc..

   During the summit, the guests shared and discussed under the topics such as global carbon neutrality, corporate climate ambition,green finance, energy transformation, green buildings and low-carbon transportation. More than 70 guests include Al Gore, Former VicePresident of the United States, Siddharth Chatterjee, United Nations Coordinator in China, Tu Ruihe, Head of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) China Office, Jia Feng, Director General of Center for Environmental Education and Communications of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International hasattended the summit.

   Xie Hongxing, director of Bluetech Clean Air Alliance, released the results of "Evaluation of Green Innovation Ability of Listed Companies (Taking Energy Storage Technologyas an Example)" at the summit. He pointed out that under the supportof WWF and Greentech Financing Platform, BCAA started this research project incooperation with Innovation Center for Clean Air Solutions (ICCS). The goal ofthis project is to establish a database of green innovation ability of scienceand technology enterprises, which can identify, evaluate and analyze key enterprises that have technologies with core patents.    

   The research is to integrate global patent information with deep industry technology cognition to form an evaluation method of green innovation ability, and finally establish the database with those new data. The project applied the information of patent databases in morethan 120 countries around the world, covering multiple dimensions such asmarket, industry, technology, patent and law. And established an evaluation method for green innovation ability of science and technology enterprises basedon patent information. The project can realize the quantitative evaluation(monetization) of enterprise's scientific and technological assets and corepatent value, which could provide strong support for investors to carry outinvestment evaluation and investment target selection of “hard” science and technology projects.

   In addition, Mr. Xie also took the sodium-sulfur battery field in the energy storage industry as an example and presented theresearch results in detail. He pointed that "We have made an overall forecast for the future market development of sodium-sulfur batteries and setup different scenarios. Under the optimistic scenario, the market space ofsodium-sulfur batteries will exceed RMB 2 billion in 2025. And because the case company holds different core patents and have patent barriers in eight keytechnical directions of sodium-sulfur batteries, we evaluated the value ofthese patents, and after summarizing, it can be concluded that the value of thecompany's green innovation ability reached 140 million RMB. "