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Position:BCAA News»The Progress of WIPO GREEN/BCAA City Acceleration Beijing Pilot: The First Round of Collection Has Been Completed

The Progress of WIPO GREEN/BCAA City Acceleration Beijing Pilot: The First Round of Collection Has Been CompletedPost date: 2021-12-31

The WIPO GREEN/BCAA City Acceleration Beijing Pilot has been launched since November 2021, and the first round of green technology needs and demands collection has been completed. This project collects green technology needs from enterprises, institutions, scientific research institutes and communities in Beijing, and recruits excellent and innovative green solutions across the world.


The first round of collection had received 10 green technology needs from Beijing. These needs covered building energy conservation, electric vehicle charging management, vehicle pollution and carbon reduction, kitchen waste recycling and other aspects. At meanwhile, the organizations that submitted these demands cover the industries including property management, catering, transportation and so on. In order to solve the hidden danger of flammability and explosion of electric bicycle batteries in cities, Beijing Bicycle Industry Association hopes to find a solution for the safe and standardized application of urban electric bicycles. Lake View Hotel Beijing hopes to find a new type of food waste resource technology. Beijing Hanqing Environmental Protection Technology CO., LTD hopes to find a sensor that can monitor the particulate matter emission of motor vehicle exhaust online, and the sensor can meet the regulatory needs of urban motor vehicle pollution. Beijing Zhong Heng Rui Tong Real Estate Developer Ltd. Company hopes to find an efficient and intelligent heating system to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in order to reduce carbon emissions.


In addition, during this round of collection, the project also received 30 green technologies across the world, covering technical directions such as energy management, carbon capture, new materials, pollution monitoring and so on. For example, the community flexible smart charging solution submitted by Beijing Shiji Yunan New Energy Co., Ltd can realize the rational distribution of charging capacity between buildings. The aerogel thermal insulation products provided by Zhongke Runzi Technology Co., Ltd. can achieve insulation and fire prevention in many cases. The comprehensive energy storage system solution provided by Jiangsu Boqiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. can bring safety and efficiency to the operation and maintenance of large-scale energy storage systems and household energy storage systems. At present, the green technologies and requirements collected in the first round have been uploaded and displayed on the page of “China Cities”, of the official website of WIPO GREEN.  

The information of collected technologies and demands will be continuously publicized and displayed online and offline through the Beijing pilot platform in the future. Implementation of these technologies and demands will be promoted through matchmaking activities. For the projects with clear intention, the pilot will assist the technology provider and technology demander to start the application demonstration of the technologies.

The second round of green technology and demand collection of Beijing pilot is planned to be launched after the Spring Festival in 2022. If you are interested in participating in this collection or cooperation, please contact us. We welcome you to work with us to promote the green low-carbon development of Beijing.