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Position:BCAA News»BCAA Participated in the Global Forum on New Energy, and Introduced the Results of Energy Storage Research Project

BCAA Participated in the Global Forum on New Energy, and Introduced the Results of Energy Storage Research ProjectPost date: 2022-04-27

On March 31, 2022, Bluetech Clean AirAlliance (BCAA), in cooperation with Xianfeng K2VC, Yale Venture Club ofStudents and Scholars (YVC) and THU Student Carbon Neutralization Association, heldan online global new energy panel on the topic of "Energy Storage Breaker".Representatives of leading-edge energy storage entrepreneurs and experts, wereinvited to interpret the latest technological path and development direction inthe field of energy storage. Hongxing (Tonny) Xie, Director of BCAA, wasinvited. Other guests included Ci Song, chief scientist of China EnergyInternet Development Strategy Research Group; Shao Xin, founder of ShenzhenTongwei; Tang Zijie, CEO of Daxin Energy; and Yao Shangheng, member of "CarbonNeutral Youth Think Tank".

At the beginning of the panel, the host, YeZhanqi from Xianfeng K2VC, said: "According to the investment experienceof Xianfeng in the low-carbon field, energy storage is closely related to thedevelopment of renewable energy. In recent years, this field has also grownrapidly, but it also faces some new problems. For example, how to manage moreand more complex energy storage systems by means of digital intelligence, howto develop the innovation of energy storage materials, and how to meet theneeds of sustainable and stable energy storage scenarios".

At the meeting, Hongxing (Tonny) Xie, Directorof BCAA, made a comprehensive introduction to the innovation and development ofthe new energy storage field, in combination with the relevant results of the Assessment of Green Innovation Ability of Listed Companies” carriedout by BCAA. He said: "This study collected information from patentdatabases of more than 120 countries around the world. Through the analysis ofenergy storage industry and technologies, this study found core patent data andevaluated the patent value of enterprise innovation and other aspects. Theresults of this study show that 53.3% of the patent applications in the lithiumbattery field were filed to the China IP Office from 2000 to 2020. Thenumber of global applications in the lithium battery field has increased significantlysince 2010. In terms of quantity, The United States and Japan are only secondto China and are in the forefront of the world. In the four areas with lowerinnovation heat: liquid flow battery, compressed air, sodium sulfur battery andflywheel. The proportion of patent applications in China exceeds or approaches40%. In terms of innovation subjects, Chinese enterprises and research teamshave entered the field of lithium batteries and new energy storage. A number ofenterprises have emerged with outstanding performance in the number of patents,the layout of subdivided technology fields and overseas layout, such as CATLand BYD.

For the energy storage based on newmaterials, Dr. Tang Zijie, CEO of Dazin Energy, introduced the development ofhigh safety zinc-based energy storage battery, which can replace lithiumbattery in the field of energy storage. He pointed out that since the energystorage is a fixed scenario, the requirement for the energy density of thebattery is not so high. If the volume of zinc-based energy storage battery isappropriately increased, a small reduction in energy density is acceptable. Thissacrifice of energy density will improve the safety and recyclability of theenergy storage system.

In addition, professor CI Song, founder of CloudEnergy Storage New Energy, also shared information about the energy storagecloud computing system at the meeting. He pointed out that the energy storagecloud computing system can digitize and virtualize battery assets into a newtype of Internet resources, and then help build a business model supportingenergy storage services. Dr. Shao Xin, founder of Shenzhen Tongwei New EnergyTechnology Co., Ltd., introduced the application of SOFC zero carbon powerstation and SOEC hydrogen production electrolytic cell in hydrogen energystorage. Yao Shangheng, a member of "Carbon Neutral Youth Think Tank",introduced the application of new energy storage in power system.