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Position:BCAA News»Online Roadshow Review of Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award was Launched

Online Roadshow Review of Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award was LaunchedPost date: 2022-05-31

In May 2022, the online roadshow review of"Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award" was launched. Enterpriseswere invited to conduct roadshows online, while industry and investment expertswere invited to conduct online reviews. Since the "Bluetech CarbonNeutrality Pioneers Award" was launched, the evaluation team has receivednearly 100 applications. These applications cover many key carbon neutraltracks such as new energy, energy storage, energy-saving technologies, newenvironmental materials, green biotechnology, hydrogen and fuel cells, energymanagement, carbon capture and utilization, waste treatment and reuse (CircularEconomy). After material review and preliminary screening, more than 70projects have entered the online roadshow review process.

To support the implementation of thereview, the review team grouped the projects according to the technical fieldof the enterprise, and established a review expert database composed of morethan 40 experts, including industry experts, technical experts and investors.During the online roadshow review, the experts will comprehensively evaluateand score the technological innovation, IP competitiveness, green andlow-carbon benefits, growth potential, team and strategy of enterprises.

The online roadshow review is expected tobe completed in June. At that time, the review team will summarize the scoresand review opinions of experts to confirm the shortlist. In addition, thereview team will organize experts and professional teams to conduct special evaluationson "Technical Competitiveness" and "IP Competitiveness" forthe key projects after being shortlisted.

For more information about the BluetechCarbon Neutrality Pioneers Award, please visit