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Position:BCAA News»Special Evaluation for IP and Technology of Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award was Launched

Special Evaluation for IP and Technology of Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award was LaunchedPost date: 2022-07-08

In July 2022, Bluetech Carbon NeutralityPioneers Award launched the special evaluation of IP and technology. Amongnearly 100 applications, more than 50 projects were successfully shortlistedfor this phase. Meanwhile, the special evaluation of IP and technology showsthe focus of Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award on hard and coretechnologies.

During this evaluation phase, the awardwill comprehensively diagnose and evaluate the participating enterprises aroundthe progressiveness of core technologies, IP protection status, IP strategy,and management system construction, independence and stability of R & Dteams, and related IP risks. To support the IP and technology, the workinggroup invited Lv Guoliang, Former Deputy Director of WIPO Office in China, MaDegang, Partner of Beijing Global Law Office, Lin Wei and Liu Yuanxia, Partnersof Beijing Docvit Law Firm, Zhao Lijie, partner of Yinghe Law Group and otherauthoritative experts in the field of intellectual property to provideprofessional support.

As a strategic partner of the WIPO GREEN,BCAA is long-term devoted to applying intellectual property tools to acceleratethe application and development of green innovation. BCAA has undertaken the IPstrategy training activities for green technologies for three years, andlaunched a series of pilot projects for IP cultivation of green enterprises.BCAA led the research of IP analysis in many green science and technologyfields such as fuel cell and hydrogen, new energy storage and green fuel. The specialevaluation for IP and technology, which is a new setup in the Bluetech CarbonNeutrality Pioneers Award has also become a highlight of this selectionactivity. IP competitiveness will be an important symbol for the winningprojects of Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award.

This round of evaluation is planned to becompleted in early September 2022. At that time, the evaluation team willsystematically evaluate the comprehensive performance of the enterprise andteam in terms of technological innovation, green and low-carbon benefits,growth potential, team and strategy, business model, and recommend the list ofwinning projects to the Selection Advisory Committee. The Committee will decidethe final winners.

Extended information: the World IntellectualProperty Organization (WIPO) has created a free online intellectual propertyintelligent diagnosis tool (IP diagnosis tool). This tool can help your companyto diagnose IP management, formulate IP strategy and systematically carry outIP management based on the company's situation. If you are interested in tryingout the tool, please visit: