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Position:BCAA News»BCAA Participated in Global Innovation Index 2022 Roundtable

BCAA Participated in Global Innovation Index 2022 RoundtablePost date: 2022-10-08

On September 29, the World IntellectualProperty Organization (WIPO) released Global Innovation Index (GII) 2022.Premier Li Keqiang sent a congratulatory letter to the press conference. OnSeptember 30, the Global Innovation Index 2022 Roundtable was held in Beijing.More than 30 representatives from Propaganda Department of the CPC CentralCommittee, the Ministry of Science and Technology, State Administration forMarket Regulation (SAMR), China National Intellectual Property Administration(CNIPA), Peking University, the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Alibaba, Huawei, and other political, academic, business, and social groupsattended the round table conference to interpret the global innovationdevelopment trend and explore the impact of innovation driven growth on Chinaand the world. The Roundtable was chaired by Liu Hua, Director of WIPO Officein China. Xie Hongxing (Tonny), Director of Bluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA),was invited to attend the meeting.

Mr. Marco Aleman, Assistant DirectorGeneral of WIPO, pointed out in the opening remarks that the GII hascontributed to better understanding the performance of national innovationsystems and established itself as a powerful tool for designing and evaluatinginnovation policies. GII 2022 finds the innovative sectors of the world economyare at a crossroads, and innovation remains one of the most powerful tools forcreating jobs, fostering growth and spreading opportunity. Li Baodong,secretary-general of the Boao Forum for Asia, pointed out in the openingremarks that GII has shown a shift towards multipolarity in the globalinnovation landscape in recent years, with Asian countries substantiallyincreasing their STI capabilities.

Director Liu Hua introduced that GII is oneof WIPO’s flagship publications, tracking the most recent global innovationtrends and measuring the innovation performance of around 132 economies. Thereport is published annually. China moves up 1 spot and ranks 11th among the132 economies featured in GII 2022, having steadily gained in the rankingsduring the past decade and still being the only middle-income economy in theGII top 15 for many years. China ranks first in 9 of the 81 individualindicators used by GII 2022 and boasts 3 of the world’s top 10 science andtechnology clusters – Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Guangzhou (2nd), Beijing (3rd) andShanghai-Suzhou (6th).

Xie Hongxing (Tonny), Director of BCAA,proposed at the meeting: "The GII 2022 found that global innovation is ata crossroads. This is particularly evident in the innovation and promotion ofgreen technology. The European energy crisis has led Germany, France, Polandand other countries to put coal and other fossil fuels on the agenda again, andmany countries have proposed plans to postpone their climate commitments.However, China is still unswervingly pursuing the carbon neutral goal andconstantly increasing policy strength. The capital market also takes carbonneutrality as a key investment track in China. With the help of policy andcapital, China's carbon neutral technological innovation has also entered anunprecedented accelerated development path. Green technology is at a criticalcrossroads, and international technological cooperation would becomeparticularly important. Last year, we cooperated with WIPO to introduce theWIPO GREEN City Acceleration Project, a global green technology transfer,application and demonstration project into China. The first pilot project hasbeen put in Beijing. Now, two demonstration projects have been successfullyimplemented. We also look forward to working with you in the future to makeinnovations move towards a future that is more conducive to human sustainabledevelopment."

At the Roundtable, Wang Zhicheng, Directorof the Copyright Administration Bureau of the Publicity Department of the CPCCentral Committee, Bai Guangqing, Director General of the InternationalCooperation Department of the China National Intellectual PropertyAdministration (CNIPA), Xing Huaibin, Deputy Director of the Ministry ofScience and Technology, Kuang Xu, Deputy Director of the Law EnforcementInspection Bureau of Market Supervision Administration, Zhi Suping, Director ofthe Intellectual Property Office of Jiangsu Province, and other representativesof the government department, Dong Songgen, Vice Chairman of the ChinaInternational Cooperation Association of SMEs, and other representatives of theAssociation, Yi Jiming, Director of the International Intellectual PropertyResearch Center of Peking University, Song Hefa, Professor of the University ofChinese Academy of Sciences and other academic representatives, Xing Yue, VicePresident of Alibaba Group, Wang Zhengzhi, Director of the Globe-Law Law Firmand other enterprise representatives also attended the meeting and gavespeeches.