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Position:CAAC News»Investor Salon Helps Funders Cash In on Clean Air Opportunities

Investor Salon Helps Funders Cash In on Clean Air OpportunitiesPost date: 2015-10-19

On October 16, the Clean Air Alliance of China (CAAC) hosted the 4th Clean Air Investor Salon, bringing in investors who are interested in clean air industry opportunities to showcase leading innovations, highlight market and policy changes and demonstrate CAAC’s tools to assess investment opportunities. More than 50 representatives from local environmental departments, investing institutions, Chinese and overseas media, innovative technology programs and other leading organizations attended the Salon. Additionally, representatives of 11 tech companies/programs from the United States, European countries, Australia, Southeast Asia, and mainland China who applied for Bluetech Award used this opportunity to have a direct conversation towards local representatives, investors and enterprises who are interested to promote and apply new clean-air technologies to real market in China.

Air pollution is one of China’s biggest challenges today, fueling market demand for clean air technologies at an unprecedented rate with policy and economic changes. China’s environmental and energy industry is valued at RMB 4.5 trillion as of 2015, averaging a 15% growth rate every year since 2011. Increasingly tight environmental standards keep raising the cost of environmental emissions and violations, which also fuel the growth of the market for clean technologies. For example, Beijing increased pollution fees for SO2 and NO2 emissions by 15 times  the original amount in 2014.

To help investors face these market changes, the Clean Air Investor Salon presented CAAC’s investment analysis tools to help those navigating the sector to make better decisions. The Salon then showcased the latest clean air innovations by inviting Bluetech Award applicants to present their technologies, piquing investors’ interest to further explore opportunities in the diesel engine emission control, indoor air purification, and VOC pollution prevention and control sectors. Panel discussions followed suit, where experts in the field shared their research and insights to answer any additional questions. Through guided and free-form discussions, investors, media and other attendees were successfully equipped with first-hand industry knowledge and concrete tools to help them navigate the clean air industry landscape.