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Position:CAAC News»China is looking for international players to join the fight against air pollution!

China is looking for international players to join the fight against air pollution!Post date: 2016-04-15

The Bluetech Award is launched by the Clean Air Alliance of China as the first award to promote leading air pollution prevention and control technologies around the world to solve the most pressing air quality challenges in China.

Last year, the Bluetech Award gathered nearly 60 clean air technologies from eight countries, selecting 21 finalists and five winners, many of which have successfully found partners and projects through the Bluetech campaign and assessments.

This year, we are once again calling for applications for the 2nd Bluetech Award and seeking the best available clean air technologies to help tackle China’ air quality problem.

Apply today to be a get your name known as a leader of the global clean air campaign!

2016 Bluetech Award Technology Categories

  • ★Diesel Engine Pollution Control;

    ★Emission Control Technology for Non-electrical Coal Combustion;

    ★VOC Monitoring, Substitution and Pollution Control;

    ★Indoor Air Purification;

    ★Advanced Ultra-Low Emission Control Technology for Coal Fired Power Plant.

  • To apply: Go to to download necessary documents

Or email: enquiry call: +86-10-65155838-8002/8006.