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Position:REPORTS DOCUMENTS»Reports »Policy Report» How Yangtze River Delta Zone Reach the Air Quality Standards

How Yangtze River Delta Zone Reach the Air Quality StandardsPost date: 2016-06-17

Introduction: On June 16, 2016, Clean Air Alliance of China (CAAC) released a report at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), titled How Yangtze River Delta Zone Reach the Air Quality Standards. The Report was written based on joint research by Tsinghua University, Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center, Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences and Innovation Center for Clean-Air Solutions. This is another important report from CAAC following the report released in this February, titled How Will Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei to Achieve Air Quality Standards, and was written for the Yangtze River Delta Zone. The Report first establishes a regional pollutant emissions prediction model and a fast-responding PM2.5 concentration prediction model (ERSM), and then conducts scenario analysis on how Yangtze River Delta Zone to achieve air quality standards. The analysis results show that both the implementation of sustainable energy development strategies and the implementation of emission reduction measures for maximum potential are necessary for ensuring the air quality attainment throughout the Delta Zone.