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Position:CAAC News»Clean Energy Substitution in Beijing

Clean Energy Substitution in Beijing An Investigation of Air-Source Heat Pump & Electric Thermal Storage Heater Post date: 2017-03-01

In 2015 Beijing municipality published a guideline for improving coal-fired substitution in rural areas. The policy has helped the coal powered to electric power substitution to lead the way in clean energy substitution. A project group, co-hosted by the Innovation Center for Clean-air Solutions (ICCS, Secretariat for Clean Air Alliance of China) and Beijing Municipal Academy of Environmental Protection Science (BMAEPS), has organized research activities to understand the energy substitution in depth.

The project group conducted an energy substitution investigation of air-source heat pump technology in Beijing on February 24. The group members visited a village committee as well as a number of farmers and verified the technical performance of the air-source heat pumps. The group further collected information about user experience, the technology applicability, technology costs, emission reduction benefits and the challenges during implementation.

On February 28th, the project group organized an investigation of Electric Thermal Storage Heater. Electric Thermal Storage Heater has the advantages of low cost and flexible use, but the energy efficiency is relative low. All the information including its current application field, technical performance and user experience has been collected during the investigation.

The results from this investigation will feed into the Innovation Center for Clean-air Solutions work on a guideline with policy and technology recommendationsto enhance the implementation of clean energy substitution technology in the Jing-Jin-Ji region.