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Position:CAAC News»Leading the Charge: US-China Collaboration on Clean Air Creates Huge Opportunity

Leading the Charge: US-China Collaboration on Clean Air Creates Huge OpportunityPost date: 2017-04-07

California, Mar.28th, 2017: Air Pollution continues to be a major environmental and social problem in China. As one of the approaches tackling it, the collaboration between China and the United States will not only create a huge market, but also benefit both in addressing climate change. Asia Society and Clean Air Alliance of China co-organized the seminar today in San Francisco, talking about US-China collaboration on clean air, which is an in-depth discussion following a report launched last December, entitled ‘A Clear Opportunity: U.S -China Collaboration on Clean Air’.

Air Quality Management is now a top priority for EPB of China, which means a high demand is existed for solutions. ‘With the joint efforts, the ‘clear opportunity’ report explores the potential for continued U.S.-China collaboration on clean air technologies and policies. A 5,000 billion clean-air tech market is to be expected by our estimation.’ Secretory Mr. Tonny Xie highlighted in the seminar ‘The collaboration between China and U.S. will speed up the air quality control in China, while benefit both in reducing greenhouse gas emission. It’s a win-win situation.’

California’s experience in air quality management is especially illustrative, the state is showing the leadership by reaffirming its clean energy goals. It only contributes about 1% to the greenhouse gas emission. Secretary of Cal EPA, Mr. Matthew Rodriquez had his points in the seminar, ‘It’s misconception to think that California is taking on climate change by itself, there are other counties also helping and interested. There is a great deal of exchange between China and California over the past few years on climate change.’

Since coming into office, U.S. president Donald Trump has signaled his intent to scale back on America’s global commitments to combat climate change. Meanwhile, the leaders of China have indicated its ambition in pursuing its climate change commitments. U.S. and China, the top 2 contributors to the global greenhouse gas emission, while also the key players in the international politics, could make a remarkable significance in tackling climate change through collaborations on clean air.

The seminar gathered around 100 participants, including governors, Chinese and International experts, technology companies and media. The information of clean air tech and policy respectively were well exchanged in the event, which leads to further exploration of potential partnership.