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Position:What's New»China, South Korea and Japan vow to jointly tackle air pollution

China, South Korea and Japan vow to jointly tackle air pollutionPost date: 2017-08-25

China has cooperated with South Korea and Japan to tackle air pollution and prevent sand storms, the environment minister said in a trilateral meeting on Friday.

Environment ministers from China, South Korea, and Japan met in Suwon, on the outskirts of Seoul of South Korea, and issued a joint statement on Friday promising to step up efforts to tackle air pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss.

Minister for China's environmental protection Li Ganjie said the three countries exchanged experiences in tackling air pollution and preventing sand storms.

They pledged to conduct more joint research into fine particulate matter pollution controls - one of the priorities fields among the three.

Li also discussed China's efforts to restrict imports of solid garbage to protect the environment and public health.

He added that China will issue more policies to cut down the imports gradually and improve laws designed to prevent smuggling.

China would also work with other countries to promote the sustainable global development, he said after the two day meeting.

The three environment ministers used the session to outline their key policies and discuss pending issues including particle matters, carbon emissions and harmful chemicals.

(Source: China Daily