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Position:BCAA News»The 3rd Bluetech Award Assessment has kicked off

The 3rd Bluetech Award Assessment has kicked offPost date: 2017-09-30

On 15st September, the 3rd Bluetech Award Campaign just closed call for application.  63 applications from 13 countries have applied for this year..

The 3rd Bluetech award's focusing clean air technology categories include diesel engine emission reduction technologies, emission control for non-electrical coal combustion, VOCs substitution and pollution prevention, indoor air pollution purification, advanced air quality and pollution monitoring technology and other technologies with successful application cases. The newly Future Star Award has been setup for those technologies which are yet commercialized, to support their establishment via various activities and potential demonstration projects.

In the next months, all applications will be assessed and selected for Finalist and Bluetech Award by the Committee via expert assessment, lab test, and on field investigation.

The final result will be announced at the 3rd Bluetech international clean air conference on December 14-15, Beijing.

Bluetech Award is launched by Clean Air Alliance of China with the goal of bringing clean air technologies to where they’re needed. Technologies will be assessed through standardized evaluation process to verify performance, environmental benefits economic performance. Winners will receive ample support from the CAAC and its partners to expand its ability to grow their business in China and create a bluer sky for everyone.