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Position:BCAA News»The clean air tech becomes China’s ‘gold mine’

The clean air tech becomes China’s ‘gold mine’ Hot discussion burst in the 3rd Bluetech International Clean Air Conference Post date: 2017-12-19

As China is putting great efforts tacklingair pollution, the clean air tech market is experiencing rapid growth in therecent years. New clean technologies are booming. On Dec.14th to 15th,the 3rd Bluetech International Clean Air conference in Beijinggathered over 400 participants from institution, clean tech enterprises, investmentorganizations and environmental bureau, the discussion focused on theindustrial hot spots.

In an earlier report, experts estimate thatthe clean tech industry had formed a huge emerging market with over onetrillion yuan, attracting both domestic and international investors. The guestsdiscussed in depth regarding the clean air technology, market, policies andother hotspots.

“It’s the 3rd year of Bluetechconference.  We witnessed the thrivingdevelopment of clean tech, as well as the visible changes those techs brought.”Xie Hongxing, director of CAAC’s secretariat, said at the conference, “Thisyear, we also set up a special forum for provincial and municipal clean airinnovation management, to empower these clean tech enterprises betterunderstand the local policies and local needs. Those direct communication enable the cutting-edge technologies betterapplied in the frontier of tackling air pollution.”

Experts from around the world shared theirexperiences and trends regarding policy. From the 13th Five-Yearplan for China’s air quality and future policy, to the California’s experienceof promoting technological innovation through enhanced policies., then to thefuture clean tech application.

The air quality management in China is atthe new phase now, which has higher requirements for the scientific andmeticulous management of clean air. The conference is at a right timing tounite all forces taking the challenge.

The conference also set up four sub-forums,namely the disaggregated coal management and clean heating in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebeiand northern areas, the innovative monitoring technology, clean air projectfinancing, innovative clean air technology. This event was initiated by theClean Air Alliance of China, and co-hosted by the Clean Air Innovation Center,Zhongguancun International Environmental Protection Industry Promotion Center,Beijing Municipal Institute of Environmental Protection, and China NationalInvestment and Guaranty Corporation, it also receives strong support from AsiaSociety, China Academy of Environmental Sciences, Beijing Global VillageEnvironmental Education Center and 14 other institutions.