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Position:BCAA News»The 3rd ‘Bluetech Award’ announced in Beijing, 6 cutting edge technologies wins

The 3rd ‘Bluetech Award’ announced in Beijing, 6 cutting edge technologies winsPost date: 2017-12-19

BEIJING- The 3rd ‘BluetechAward’, launched by the Clean Air Alliance of China to seek and promotehigh-quality international clean air technologies, was announced today inBeijing. Six cutting edge technologies wins, covering major categories of airquality management.

The six winners are: Catalytic CandleFilter (CCF) Technology for Multi-Pollutant Exhaust Emissions Control, ComprehensiveUtilization Technology of Low Temperature Waste Heat Recovery of Blast FurnaceSlag Flushing Water and Steam, Integrated Condensing Gas Boiler Technology, EnvironmentalAir Quality On-line Monitoring System, Fast, Multi-point Magnetic-sector MassSpectrometry VOCs Online Monitoring System, and Improved Vapor Recovery Unit.

Not only the laboratory performance ofthose winners is outstanding, but most of them had already proved themselveswith application in field.  For example,the environmental air quality online monitoring system by Shanghai DSTTechnology Co., Ltd. was applied in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. With the support ofthis system, Shaoxing had established monitoring station precisely in 90 townsand villages, which played a critical role in providing data for managing airquality.

In addition, the ‘Star of the future Award’is newly set up to encourage companies with outstanding potentials.  

The ‘Bluetech Award’, which has beenlaunched for three years, has assessed around 200 clean air technologies from16 countries. The award uses the clean air technology assessment methodology toexamine real-world results, analyzing environmental benefits, technologicalperformances and financial viabilities to find breakthrough potentials.  

As organizer, the Clean Air Alliance ofChina provided ample support to help the winners accelerate their business onthe ground and contribute to the air quality management in China with jointefforts. Followed by the announcement, the winners will soon receiveopportunities of systematic technical demonstration, project docking andpromotion. In addition, they will also receive support by the California –China Blue Accelerate platform, which was co-sponsored by  Asia Society and CAAC, to expand theirbusiness globally.