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Position:BCAA News»The 4th Bluetech Award Clean Air Technology Preliminary Assessment Meeting was Held in Beijing

The 4th Bluetech Award Clean Air Technology Preliminary Assessment Meeting was Held in BeijingPost date: 2018-09-14

The 4th Bluetech Award Campaign has proceeded to the assessment phase,totally 65 applications of 12 countries have applied for the Award. Would like to learn more about it? Please follow us to the preliminary assessment works.

The preliminary assessment meeting has conducted by Bluetech Award Committee from  September 8 to 9, 2018. This year, the Committee has received 65 clean air technologies from 3 continents’  12 countries, including China, UK, France,Poland, India, Germany, Malaysia, the United States, Italy, Finland, Japan and Israel. The applications fall into in five technology categories, namely, Diesel engine emission reduction technologies & clean energy substitutes, Coal combustion emission control & clean energy substitutes (non-power sector), VOC ssubstitution and pollution prevention, Indoor air pollution control, and Advanced pollution source and air quality monitoring. This year's Bluetech Award has also introduced the Blue Future Unicorn Award, hoping to invite more start-up entities/teams to bring their innovative technology/product to join China’s blue sky effort, and with Bluetech’s support to accelerate their development in China. There were totally 24 technologies competing for the Blue Future Unicorn Award.

The experts of the Bluetech Awards jury are from the Vehicle Emission Control Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, the China National Agricultural University Biomass Energy Research Center, the Atmosphere Apartment of Beijing Institute of Environmental Sciences, Tsinghua University, China National CoatingsIndustry Association, Research Center for Eco-environmental Science of Chinese Academy of Science, China CDC Environmental Institute, Beijing Environmental Monitoring Center, China National Environmental Monitoring Center and many other institutes from different fields. At the assessment meeting, the committees member experts evaluated applications in terms of technical performance, environmental benefits, economic viabilitys, application potential in China, and innovation based on the information and materials submitted by applicants, and raised a series of questions and support document requirements.

At the meeting, Committee has already spotted some potential technologies and are looking for more supporting information for next stage detailed assessment. Which will employ various technology verification approaches such as application caseon site investigation, necessary lab test etc. The 4th BluetechAward is expected to be finalized and announced at the 4th Bluetech International Clean Air Conference at the end of year. Please stay tune in more Bluetech updates with us!