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Position:BCAA News»Bluetech Supported the 2018 Young Green Tech Entrepreneurs Forum in California

Bluetech Supported the 2018 Young Green Tech Entrepreneurs Forum in CaliforniaPost date: 2018-09-25

The 2018 Young Green Tech Entrepreneurs Forum (YGT) was held in San Francisco on Sep.12-14. As a supporting partner, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance collaborated with Asia Society, China Champions for Climate Action (C Team), and Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), and Fuxing, successfully delivered the Forum and relevant activities. As a grand gathering of environmental entrepreneurs between China and US, YGT has attracted significant attentions to outstanding environmental issues and innovative solutions created by youth.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Wang Shi, Honorary Chairman of Vanke Group, shared his personal experience on how a businessman should act to respond the world's climate change challenge, as well as his prospective on YGT's young green entrepreneurs’ development. The roadshow has presented 5 projects from selected Chinese and American youth entrepreneurial teams. Jury members, Wang Shi, Zem Joaquin (the CEO of, Dan Karafa Tas (CEO of 3Degrees), Lila Preston (partner of Generation Investment Management), and Vishal Vasishth (co-founder of Obvious Ventures), have reviewed and commented on each project. Clarity, a US company that has nominated by Bluetech Clean Air Alliance, introduced their dual-model real-time air quality monitoring technology, and received extensive attention from the audience.
“In the past five years, China has made significant progress on air pollution prevention and control. The concentration of PM2.5 in Jing-Jin-Ji region has dropped by nearly 40%, created a record in the air pollution control in history ” Mr. Tonny XIE, Director of the Bluetech clean Air Alliance, on the dinner reception on Sep 13th, he said, "In the future, continuous improvement of air quality in China still faces enormous challenges. We hope that YGT could play an important role on applying transformative technological innovations to accelerate the paces of restoring blue skies for China and other countries, ultimately to shape a cleaner future for the world.” At the reception, Mr. Feng Nan, executive director of C Team, also expressed his expectation on YGT. “We found that one of the biggest achievement made by international cooperation is to foster and cultivate capable young talents become leaders in this field.  We hope that YGT will become a key incubator for China’s outstanding talents in environmental field, improve China's environment and promote global sustainable development."

The success of the YGT event has attracted world’s focus on young people's ideas and solutions for in environmental protection. It has also provided a platform for global youth cooperation and dialogue in clean technology field. In future, YGT will incubate and encourage more innovative ideas and solutions to shape a cleaner future. "Our planet faces all kinds of environmental challenges, which requires innovative ideas and more active participation of young people. This is our mission of launching YGT," said Mr. Ouyang Bin, co-organizer of YGT from Asia Society.

As one key partner of YGT, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA) is committed to employ technological innovation to support environmental policy making and implementation for restoring blue sky in China and the world. Since 2015, BCAA has launched the‘Bluetech Award’ to call for clean air technologies from the world for China’s blue sky battle. By far it has assessed more than 250 technologies from 18 countries. At present, the 4th Bluetech Awards assessment is in process, and the Awarding Ceremony will be presented at 2018 Bluetech International Clean Air Conference in December Beijing China. BCAA welcomes your attention and participation.

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