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Position:BCAA News»"Bluetech" Black Technology Shaping a Cleaner Future

"Bluetech" Black Technology Shaping a Cleaner FuturePost date: 2018-10-15

With the vigorous promotion of ecological civilization construction, the environmental situation in China has been significantly improved in recent years, especially air quality innovation, "Cristal skies" continuous flooding the internet, innovative clean air technology has ushered in unprecedented opportunities. October 15, 2018, the "Looking for Bluetech Future Unicorn International Clean Air Technology Roadshow" was held by the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance in Beijing, with clean air black technologies from China, the United States, Singapore, Canada and other countries unveiled at the event. As one of the 2018 innovation and entrepreneurship week activities, the international roadshow and other activities linked the global pulse of innovation and entrepreneurship to facilitate clean technology to get more attention and promote a comprehensive upgrade of innovation and entrepreneurship

   Tonny Xie, Director of the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance, said in his speech: "This year the Bluetech Award specifically adds a "Bluetech Future Unicorn" selection for the start-up teams to support its greater opportunities for development. We hope that through the 'unicorn' selection, more energetic, creative young people could focus on environmental protection and devote their innovative power to the incubation of the 'Bluetech Unicorn' and accelerate global clean-up through its commercial success." As a partner of this event, some of the technologies that collected by the Polish Smogathon in its 2018 Clean Air Entrepreneurship Awards have also been showcased in this event. "Smogathon was a clean air entrepreneurship selection program launched by a number of Polish technology enterprise founders, Polish government advisers and other people in 2015.We hope to find and explore some effective solutions which can significantly improve air pollution, and to enhance the understanding of air issues through joint participation, " Maciej Rys, director of Smogathon, introduced.

The clean air black technologies unveiled at this event come from ten innovative start-up teams, including “Wearable Air Purifier” from ATMOBLUE, “Large-scale dairy farm sewage classification and treatment technology” from Huameng Kechuang, “Waste degradation using microwave plasma torch” from Tsinghua University, “Fresh Air to Home Technology” from Fresh Air to Home Technology Co. Ltd, “EGS BOOST” from Shenzhen Eco Energy Technology Co. Ltd, “Onboard Air Quality Monitoring System” from Nova Fitness Co. and innovative clean air projects from Singapore Airmotion Laboratories, Beijing Smart Air, Canadian Weavair, USA Plantmatch, LLC.

Nova Fitness Co. uses public vehicles such as taxis and buses as carriers, to mount particulate matter and nitrogen oxides sensors to monitor air quality, and employ big data obtained from the fleet to obtain the urban road dust cloud map. Furthermore, the pollution source close to  the road network as the baseline and finally achieved low-cost and high-density big data monitoring.

EGS BOOST is a fuel additive which is able to reduce exhaust gas, improve combustion efficiency, improve engine power, reduce carbon deposit, enhance fuel lubricity, and reduce maintenance costs. It can also achieve the effect of saving fuel by reducing PM2.5 emissions of automobile exhaust.

Wearable Air Purifier created by ATMOBLUE is a smart fresh air system that can fit into a mask size to provide respiratory protection. In smog weather, people who wear the Wearable Air Purifier can enjoy cleaner breath with PM2.5 less than 10μg/m3. ATMOBLUE is also a tide brand which is able to meet customer’s fashion and DIY passion. The mask case of the Wearable Air Purifier can be customized, ATMOBLUE also cooperate with well-known designers to launch fashion designed masks to the customer’s needs.

Large-scale dairy farm sewage classification and treatment technology creatively proposes a combination which includes digestion and sewage classification and collection, pasture washing water recycling, medium temperature anaerobic fermentation, sewage treatment. This shows a new kind of eco-friendly ranch. The technology is able to classify and treat various types of water in large dairy farming industry and achieving the goal of reducing, reusing and hazard-free the pasture manure and turn them into resources. At the same time, there is a significant advantage in reducing ammonia emissions

These innovative technologies, products or ideas, business models and so on , make the audience and judges refreshing. Finally, ATMOBLUE and Shenzhen Eco Energy Technology Co. Ltd. stand out in the team and was recommended to participate in the final selection which will be held by Smogathon in Poland in November, the winner will be commissioned for technical demonstrations by the Polish Government in Poland.

"This event is a technology-rich international event, and we hope to nurture more organizations like the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance, promote the development of environmental protection industries from policy, technology and international cooperation, and accelerate the improvement of environmental quality," said Hongqun Du, Secretary-General of Council of Industry and Technology Alliances in Z-park

This event is one of the series of activities of the 4th Bluetech Award International Clean Air Technology Assessment. According to the introduction given by Xuan Ling, the Secretary-General of the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance: “This year the competition has received more than 60 technologies from 13 countries, the roadshow mainly shows the technology from China selected by Bluetech Future Unicorn. More evaluation results and technologies will be presented at the Bluetech Award Conference on December 3th.”

The roadshow was hosted by Innovation Center for Clean-air Solutions and was strongly supported by Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park, Council of Industry and Technology Alliances in Z-park, Z-Innoway, Zhongguancun International Environment Protection Industry Promotion Center. Professor Wei Wang from Tsinghua University, Tong Wang, general manager of Zhongguancun International Environment Protection Industry Promotion Center, Walter Ge, founding partner of Green Startups Accelerator, Dafei Zhang, investment director of Tsing-LAN Capital Fund, Caixia Luan, director of the editorial department of the World Environment, Center for Environmental Education and Communications of Ministry of Environmental Protection, representatives of the Canadian Embassy and the Iranian embassy and other supporting organizations participated in the event as guests.