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Position:BCAA News»The 4th Bluetech Award Winner Revealed Promoting Application of Innovative International Cleantech in China

The 4th Bluetech Award Winner Revealed Promoting Application of Innovative International Cleantech in ChinaPost date: 2018-12-03

On December 3, 2018, the Bluetech Clean Air Alliance announced the 2018 "Bluetech Award" result at the 4th Bluetech International Clean Air Conference. A total of 66 technology applications from 12 countries took part in this Campaign. The Award uses the Clean Air Technology Assessment Methodology to carry out the systematic assessment, seven technologies such as PM2.5 Sensor Grids for Urban Air Quality Monitoring, Onboard Air Quality Monitoring System and XPO® Ultra Low NOX Gas Burner have won this year’s Bluetech Award. The Bluetech Award technologies covered coal combustion emission control & clean energy substitutes (non-power sector), advanced pollution source and air quality monitoring, VOCs substitution and pollution prevention and other fields which correspond to the hotspot in the current air pollution control process.

PM2.5 Sensor Grids for Urban Air Quality Monitoring is applied by Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center. This technology supports the Beijing Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau to carry out detailed air quality management and systematically supervise the air quality down community scale, effectively assist Beijing to achieve the goals of the Clean Air Action Plan 2013 – 2017 and promote the establishment of the monitoring and law enforcement system of Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei area. Liu Baoxian, Deputy Chief of the Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center, said "Beijing has set up about 1500 PM2.5 monitoring stations in the whole city with a 3 km x 3 km grid. We also built an intelligent operation and maintenance system for 1500 monitoring stations and equipped with the corresponding APP for officers to carry out real-time monitoring and enforcement. The system can not only grasps the change process of PM 2.5 in the past time, but also can predict the possible change in the future, provide the reference for the environmental protection department and promote the fine management of air quality.

The IER method of the O.S.P Inc. can detect the total volatile organic compounds (VOCs) concentration at ppm level. This is a portable equipment with auto calibration system which is easy and convenient for site staff to use in autonomous management and daily management. The large-scale dairy farms sewage classification and treatment system consists of cowshed waste collecting and recycling module, circulating flushing module for the waiting area of milking hall. The technology achieved biogas production, cow bedding material, organic fertilizer production from cow excrement and urine with sewage discharge within the standard. The other four winners are Onboard Air Quality Monitoring System from Nova Fitness Co. Ltd., XPO® Ultra Low NOX Gas Burner from Honeywell, TT24-7xr from Markes International and High Spatio-Temporal Resolution of Mobile Real-time VOCs Monitoring  System from Guangzhou Hexin Instrument Co., Ltd.. Most of the winning technologies have already applied in the real world for China’s blue sky battle.

In addition to the seven technologies, a new “Bluetech Future Unicorn” was added into Bluetech Award in order to support innovative clean air startups for their development opportunities in China and accelerate global cleantech development through its commercial success. The winner of Bluetech Future Unicorn is Electric Airplane technology from Ampaire Inc. The company's electric aircraft project has clear business logic, strong R&D team and huge market potential, which has great development potential.

Six technologies from 5 countries won the 2018 Bluetech Future Star Award. Bluetech Future Star Award is willing to boost the development of clean air technologies which are still at the early stage but have great potential in China. The technologies include Waterless Printing Technology to Enable Elimination of VOCs from Toray International (China) Co., Ltd., Waterless Printing Technology to Enable Elimination of VOCs from Toray International (China) Co., Ltd., SunOyster Systems GmbH, Clarity Movement Co.& Ramboll Group A/S, Modular Unit of Indoor Air Purification (MUIAP) from Air Liquide Group and Wearable Air Purifier from ATMOBLUE.

“It had been four years since the 1st Bluetech Award was held in 2015. It has assessed nearly 300 technologies from 20 countries and has received strong supports from various domestic and foreign  institutions,” said Xuan Ling, Secretary-general of BCAA. Over the past four years, the organizer (BCAA) have been working hard to promote the application of the best available clean air technologies to accelerate the process of air pollution control in China. “Now it is a very good time. Through the promotion and popularization of advanced technologies, the Bluetech platform can support air pollution prevention and air pollution control accurately and effectively. The Bluetech innovative technologies which are selected in this year has made breakthroughs in these aspects.” said Yang Chaofei, Former Chief Engineer of MEP.

“In the conference, we also launched Yan' an clean heating technology pilot project to assess and promote suitable technology to achieve air quality improvement and greenhouse gas reduction simultaneously. Also, the conference provides a match-making session for innovative clean technologies. In future, to support the winners and accelerate their development, BCAA will still actively provide systematic technical demonstration & pilot project opportunities and promotion on Bluetech Platform.” said Tonny Xie, Director of the BCAA.