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Municipal Air Emission Inventory Tool
Municipal Air Emission Inventory Tool

Tsinghua University leads the development of the Municipal Air Emission Inventory Tool. The development of the municipal inventory tool is based on the National 863 research of MEIC sources of air pollution emission inventory, which is targeting at national and regional scales. By the application of the tools, the following objectives can be achieved:

The Index System assists cities with the following:
  • 1Understand emissions of major pollutants in the region;

  • 2Get the information of emission sources on major pollutants;

  • 3Estimate the environmental benefits related to emission reduction measures;  

  • 4Assist in developing long-term air emission reduction plan, and clean air strategy.  

Main Features

Support the establishment of air emission inventory at city level;

Integrate the emissions generated from relevant national-level pollution sources;

Use data from existing statistics system as data inputs;

Realize the estimation of all major pollutants emissions;

Support the design of emission reduction measures and approaches.

Tool Applications

The Air Emission Inventory Tool will be presented in the form of software,. CAAC will set up a special working group composed of relevant experts to guide the city to apply the tools in developing city-based air emission inventory.

  Main application steps include:

I. Find relevant data on national census of pollution sources, environmental statistical data, and etc.;

II. Input statistical data to the software for initial application;

III. Calibration and adjustment;

IV. Generate an air emission inventory;

V. Test relevant measures to develop municipal air emission reduction plan

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