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Alliance Organizations

Tianjin Air Pollution Control Laboratory was jointly identified byTianjin Municipal Science &Technology Commission and the Board ofEducation, and established in August 2011. The laboratory relying the TianjinAcademy of Environmental Sciences built the open platform, which combined thepollution mechanism research of atmospheric, numerical simulation analysis,monitoring technology research and the R &D of pollution control technologyand products. In research, the laboratory focus on the atmospheric environmentremote sensing technology, numerical simulation of atmospheric processes,atmospheric chemistry, air pollution control policies and regulations, airpollution emission standards, air pollution monitoring & control technologyand other research directions. Tianjin Air Pollution Control Laboratoryfamiliar the air pollution control status and history of Tianjin. What`s more, thelaboratory has presided over the preparation of the Tianjin EnvironmentalProtection Plan, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" about joint prevention andcontrol of air pollution, Tianjin Clean Air Action Programmer, Tianjin heavypollution weather emergency plan, revising the Emission standard of airpollutants for boiler (the national standard), completed the Emission ControlStandard for Industrial Enterprises Volatile Organic Compounds in Tianjin andother a number of standard. The laboratory has completed many atmosphericenvironmental research related projects. Cooperating with Tianjin Communicationand Broadcasting Group Co., Ltd, and developed the volatile organic gasespollution-line monitoring system. The system is currently being carried outleak detection and repair pilot study in the petrochemical enterprises. In addition,Tianjin Air Pollution Control Laboratory cooperates with The State EnvironmentProtection Key Laboratory of Urban Particulate Air Pollution Prevention andUrban, Regional Environmental Research Laboratory of Atmospheric, NankaiUniversity, Tianjin University, Tianjin University of Science and Technologyetc, and forming a combination collaborative development research platform inthe base of giving full play in different research strengths.