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Professional Network

Co-control Collaboration Network

China is facing dual challenges to control air  pollution and deal with climate change. It is a inevitable choice to cooperate control strategy and treatment measures, in order to achieve a win-win benefit by limited resources for sustainable development in China

Clean Air Technology Expert Network
Clean Air Technology Expert Network aims at air pollution prevention and control technology, striving to be a comprehensive technology network in clean air field, to supply a platform to communication, cooperation and actives for various institutes, enterprises and professionals.  
Black Carbon Prevention and Control Collaboration Network

Black carbon has significant effects in both health of human beings and global warming, as a key component of PM2.5. Control black carbon will achieve a win-win benefit to air quality improvement and climate change.

Air Pollution and Health Collaboration Network
Air pollution have serious health impacts, not only directly effecting human being's respiratory system, but also causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases when the smaller particles would get into circulatory system. Some sensitive groups, like the old, pregnant women and children, could suffer larger health threat from air pollution.