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Alliance Experts

Tang Deliang
Associate Professor
Mailman School of Public Health,Columbia University

Dr. Deliang Tang's primary research interest is in predictive risk modeling for cancer, particularly focusing on genetic susceptibility and environmental exposures. This interdisciplinary research consists of the development and validation of susceptibility and exposure/effect biomarkers and the development of statistical risk models. He is currently analyzing genotypes in ongoing studies of breast cancer, lung cancer, and chemoprevention, assessing whether these genotypes are associated with disease and how genotype interacts with environmental exposures.  Dr. Tang?s modeling work includes possible gene-environmental interactions, gene-gene interactions and gene-disease associations.  A major goal of his research, which includes creating new predictive risk models and further developing the model to deal with the mass quantities of genetic data that are expected from the "gene chip" technology, is early cancer detection, based on biomarker analysis.


Air Pollution and Health Collaboration Network

Air pollution have serious health impacts, not only directly effecting human being's respiratory system, but also causin...

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