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Alliance Experts

Wu Weidong
School of Public Health,Xinxiang Medical University



Papers in SCI

1.Wu W, R Muller, K Berhane, F Liu, S Fruin,, I Jasper, D Diaz-Sanchez, D Peden, R McConnell. (2013) Reactive oxygen species and inflammatory cytokine response of monocytes to ambient particles varies by proximity to a highway. Am J Respir Cell Mol Bio. (修改中).  

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4.McConnell R, W Wu, K Berhane, F Liu, F DiMeo, G Verma, D Diaz-Sanchez, and Scott Fruin. (2013) Variability in inflammatory cytokine response to respirable ambient particulate matter due to field collection procedures: Implications for chronic disease epidemiology. Am J Respir Cell Mol Bio. 48(4):497-502.

5.Feng F, Y Wu, S Zhang, Y Liu, L Qin, Y Wu, Z Yan, W Wu.  (2012) Macrophages facilitate coal tar pitch extract-induced tumorigenicity. PLoS One, 7(12):e51690. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0051690. Epub 2012 Dec 5.

6.*Wu W, DB Peden, R McConnell, S Fruin, and D Diaz-Sanchez. (2012) Glutathione-S-transferase M1 regulation of diesel exhaust particle-induced pro-inflammatory mediator expression in normal human bronchial epithelial cells. Particle and Fibre Toxicol. Aug 6; 9(1):31. [Epub ahead of print].

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17.*Wu W, R Silbajoris, D Cao, PA Bromberg, Q Zhang, DB Peden, and JM Samet. (2008) Regulation of cyclooxygenase-2 expression by cAMP response element and mRNA stability in a human airway epithelial cell line exposed to zinc. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, 231(2):260-266.

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36.Fan JG, QE Wang, SJ Liu, W Wu, G Jia, and LL Zhou. (1998) Pretreatment of chrysotile with rare earth compounds reduced its cytotoxicity by lessening surface charges. Biomed Environ Sci, 11:125-132.

Papers in Chinese core journals

37.梁宁,李冰, 宋金燕, 逯洋, 燕贞,王威,吴逸明,吴卫东*.(2012)纳米氧化锌致大鼠早期动脉粥样硬化改变的研究. 郑州大学学报(医学版), 47(3):626-628, 2012.

38.李冰,梁宁,贾陈志,燕贞,王威,吴逸明,吴卫东*.(2012)表皮生长因子受体在外源锌离子致大鼠急性肺部炎症中的表达及活化.郑州大学学报(医学版), 47(3):324-326, 2012.

39.贾陈志,关文池,李冰,梁宁,燕贞,王威,吴逸明,吴卫东*. (2011) 表皮生长因子受体抑制剂对外源锌离子致大鼠急性呼吸道炎症的影响. 郑州大学学报(医学版),46(3):349-351.

40.王威,李智涛,祝寒松,赵勇,王丽霞,燕贞,李时恩,许东,吴卫东, 吴拥军, 吴逸明. (2011) 煤焦沥青烟提取物致人支气管上皮细胞恶性转化细胞端粒损伤研究.中国职业医学, 38(5):369-372

41.张巧,程路明,邢瑞婷,马璐,李春阳,徐玉宝,吴卫东. (2011) NFkB在香烟烟雾凝集物诱导人支气管上皮细胞IL-8表达中的作用. 卫生研究,40(5):573-575.

42.张巧,谢惠玲,邢瑞婷,康雪敬,龚春梅,李春阳,吴卫东.(2011) 香烟烟雾凝集物对BEAS-2B细胞损伤作用及对IL-8表达的影响. 毒理学杂志, 25(3): 199-202.

43.燕贞,沈飞,李智涛,周舫,王娜,姚武,吴卫东,吴逸明.(2011)肺鳞癌组织中Annexin-1的表达及意义. 肿瘤防治研究, 38(1): 38-40.

44.燕贞,冯艳铭,周舫,李时恩,姚武,吴卫东,吴逸明. (2011)肺鳞癌组织中热休克蛋白27表达及意义. 中国公共卫生, 27(4):443-445.

45.关文池,张功员,李晟磊,赵国强,张巧,吴卫东. (2011) 沉默EC9706核干细胞因子基因对裸鼠移植瘤生长的作用. 中国肿瘤临床, 38(11):605-607.

46.张功员,关文池,李晟磊,张巧,吴卫东. (2011) 沉默EC9706细胞NS基因对裸鼠移植瘤组织中EGF、EGFR基因表达的影响. 第三军医大学学报,33(13):1370-1373.

47.李智涛,冯艳铭,王威,王丽霞,赵勇,祝寒松,吴卫东,吴逸明. (2011) 煤焦沥青烟提取物致人支气管上皮细胞BEAS-2B染色体不稳定性研究.工业卫生与职业病,37(3):129-136.

48.张巧 邢瑞婷 徐红辉 袁劲松 李春阳 吴卫东 吴逸明 程书钧.(2010) Rap2b基因真核表达载体构建及其对NIH3T3细胞P38通路的影响. 肿瘤防治研究,37(6):640-643.

49.燕贞,刘桂芝,王建设,周舫,姚武,吴卫东,吴逸明.(2010)蛋白质组学方法筛选早期肺鳞癌相关蛋白.肿瘤, 30(2): 130-133.

50.燕贞 张巧 徐磊 吴卫东* 任文杰 刘林洪 姚武 吴逸明.(2010) Toll样受体4在二氧化硅诱导巨噬细胞肿瘤坏死因子a合成中的作用.中华劳动卫生职业病杂志,28(6):427-429.


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55.徐磊,燕贞,吴卫东*,张功员,张巧,姚武,吴逸明. (2010) 纳米氧化锌对人呼吸道上皮细胞白细胞介素-8表达的影响. 郑州大学学报(医学版),1:39-42.


57.李智涛, 沈飞,燕贞,吴卫东,吴逸明.(2009) 染色质免疫沉淀技术分析肺腺癌A549细胞中p53蛋白与p21(上标 CIP1)和Bim基因转录启动子的结合. 生物技术通报,5:104-108.

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