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Betty is the Director, International Business and also the Knowledge Leader for Air Quality Impact Assessments, guiding Ricardo-AEA’s technical and business development in air quality impact assessment. She is a well-respected and recognised air quality professional and is competent in many other technical disciplines. Her technical expertise ranges over air quality, noise, water quality, waste, human health risk and impact assessment, Pollution Prevention and Control, COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) and Habitats Directive types of assessment, environmental radiological assessment, green buildings, climate change and indoor environmental quality. Betty’s over 23 years of environmental experience was gained through working in the Environment Agency, environmental and engineering consultancy. Her project experience covers a diverse range of sectors, environmental disciplines and geographical locations. In particular, she has extensive experience in assessing and managing the environmental impacts of projects and developments in a wide range of industrial and infrastructure sectors (e.g. oil & gas, power, chemicals, transport, industrial, commercial development, water, etc.). Betty has also developed policies/strategies and work instructions for regulatory and nonregulatory organisations. She has prepared numerous environmental reports and statements, including expert witness evidence for high profile judicial reviews, appeals and prosecutions. Her clients include both private and public sector organizations.

Betty is also a seasoned manager, with over 15 years of responsibility for personnel/resource management, operation of business units, business development and change management. During this time, she has led multi-disciplinary teams in geographically dispersed areas, and directed/managed many complex, and often high profile, planning, environmental and development projects. She has a strong demonstrable record of developing and growing business and teams, leading people and delivering business results. She also has a proven record of delivering customer focused services, delighting clients, building and maintaining customer relationships.



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