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Alliance Experts

Liu Huan
Associate Professor
School of Environment, Tsinghua University
Vehicle VOC Inventory &Source Apportionment Co-control

2009-2010  Postdoctoral Associate, CE-CERT, University of California- Riverside

2009-2010  Researcher, ISSRC, LA

Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, January 2009, Tsinghua University

B.S. in Environmental Engineering, July 2004, Tsinghua University

Her research focuses on traffic system and vehicle pollution control, emission models and inventory of mobile source, impacts from urban planning and traffic flow.


Selected Publications

(1) Yang, X. F., Liu, H.*, Man, H. Y., and He, K. B.: Characterization of road freight transportation and its impact on the national emission inventory in China, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 2015, 15(2015): 2105-2118.

(2) J. Guo, H. Liu*, Y. Jiang, D. He, Q. Wang, F. Meng, K. He. Neighborhood form and CO2 emission: evidence from 23 neighborhoods in Jinan, China. Front. Environ. Sci. Eng., 8(1): 79-88, 2014

(3) H. Liu, T. Rönkkö*, J. Keskinen. Impact of Vehicle Development and Fuel Quality on Exhaust Nanoparticle Emissions of Traffic. Environ. Sci. Technol., 47 (15), 8091–8092, 2013

(4) H. Liu, X. M. Wang*, J. M. Pang, and K. B. He*. Feasibility and Difficulties on China New Air Quality Standard Compliance: PRD case of PM2.5 and Ozone from 2010 to 2025. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 13, 12013–12027, 2013  

(5) H. Liu, X. Wang, J. Zhang, K. He*, Y. Wu, J. Xu. Emission controls and changes in air quality in Guangzhou during the Asian Games. Atmos. Environ., 76: 81-93, 2013

(6) X. Wang*, H. Liu, J. Pang, G. Carmichael, K. He, Q. Fan, L. Zhong, Z. Wu, J. Zhang. Reductions in sulfur pollution in the Pearl River Delta region, China: Assessing the effectiveness of emission controls. Atmos. Environ., 76: 113-124, 2013

(7) D. He, H. Liu*, K. He, F. Meng, Y. Jiang, M. Wang, J. Zhou, P. Calthorpe, J. Guo, Z. Yao, Q. Wang. Energy use of, and CO2 emissions from China's urban passenger transportation sector -- Carbon mitigation scenarios upon the transportation mode choices. Transp. Res. Pt A Policy Pract., 53: 53-67, 2013

(8) H. Liu and K.He*. Traffic Optimization: A New Way for Air Pollution Control in China’s Urban Areas. Environ. Sci. Technol., 46, 5660−5661, 2012

(9) H. Liu* and M. Barth. Identifying the effect of vehicle operating history on vehicle running emissions. Atmos. Environ., 59: 22-29, 2012

(10) H. Liu, K. He* and M. Barth. Traffic and emission simulation in China based on statistical methodology. Atmos. Environ., 45(5): 1154-1161, 2011

(11) H. Liu*, M. Barth, G. Scora, N. Davis, and J. Lents. Using Portable Emission Measurement Systems for Transportation Emissions Studies. Transp. Res. Record, 2158: 54-61, 2011

(12) S. Zhang, Y. Wu*, H. Liu, X. Wu, Y. Zhou, Z. Yao, L. Fu, K. He, J. Hao. Historical evaluation of vehicle emission control in Guangzhou based on a multi-year emission inventory. Atmos. Environ., 76: 32-42, 2013

(13) S. Zhang, Y. Wu*, H. Liu, R. Huang, L. Yang, Z. Li, L. Fu, J. Hao. Real-world fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of urban public buses in Beijing. Applied Energy,113, 1645-1655, 2014

(14) B. Zhao, S. X. Wang*, H. Liu, J. Y. Xu, K. Fu, Z. Klimont, J. M. Hao, K. B. He, J. Cofala, and M. Amann. NOx emissions in China: historical trends and future perspectives. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 13, 9869–9897, 2013


(1) Junyu Zheng, Huan Liu, Qing Lu, Jiamin Ou. Air Quality Management in Guangdong Province and Implication from the California Air Resources Board Experience, Civic Exchange, 10k, 2013

(2) 王俊秀主编, 中国汽车社会发展报告(刘欢,机动车排放专题), 社会 科学文献出版社,1 万字,2011

(3) J Lents, M Walsh, K He, N Davis, M Osses, S Tolvett, H Liu. Handbook of Air Quality Management, ISSRC, 30k, 2010

(4) 清华大学“城市可持续交通”课题组. 中国城市可持续交通——问题、挑战与实现途径,参与编写:第5章 实现可持续城市交通的环境对策,字数:7千. 北京,中国铁道出版社,2007.(中、英文版)

(5) 陆化普,毛其智,李政,贺克斌,帅石金,张希良等. 快速城镇化进程中的城市可持续交通——理论与中国实践,参与编写:第11章 城市交通的环境影响,字数:24千. 北京,中国铁道出版社,2008. (中、英文版)

(6) 毛如柏等. 中国可持续能源实施“十一五”20%节能目标的途径与措施研究, 参与编写:第二篇专题报告之二 交通部门落实20%节能目标潜力分析,字数:13千. 北京,科学出版社,2008.

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