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Alliance Experts

Hu Tao
China Program Director
World Wildlife Fund (US)
Steering Committee

Hu Tao is the Senior Associate at Institutions ad Governance Program for the International Financial Flows and the Environment (IFFE) project which works to improve the environmental and social decision making and performance of public financial institutions. He has been working on national and international environmental policy for 20 years, with specific focus on international trade and environment issues, control of air pollutants and greenhouse gases, and environmental governance issues.


Co-control Collaboration Network

China is facing dual challenges to control air pollution and deal with climate change. It is a inevitable choice to ...

Relevant experts

Hao Jiming

School of Environment, Tsinghua University

Bi Jun

School of the Environment, Nanjing University

Chai Fahe

Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences

Chen Jianmin

Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, Fudan University

He Kebin

School of Environment, Tsinghua University

Jia Feng

Center of Environmental Education and Communication, MEP

Ma Zhong

School of Environment and Natural Resource, Renmin University of China

Mao Xianqiang

School of Environment,BNU

Ren Hongyan

Appraisal Center for Environment & Engineering, MEP

Tang Dagang

Vehicle Emission Control Center of MEP