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Chris James joined RAP from Synapse Energy Economics and is based in Tacoma, WA. He previously served as manager of climate change and energy programs and as director of the Air Planning and Standards Division at the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Mr. James represented the DEP on Connecticut's energy efficiency fund and served as the Connecticut staff leadon the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Mr.James also worked for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Seattleand for the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. Prior to his government experience, Mr. James consulted for four years in air pollution related to utility industry and biomass energy recovery.

He holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MA in environmental studies from Brown University.



James Christopher, co-authors Catherine Witherspoon, Max Dupuy, Zhao Lijian, Emissions Trading as an Air Quality Management Tool, China Air Quality Management Knowledge Series (RAP), 2012.

James Christopher, co-author Kenneth Colburn, Integrated Multi-Pollutant Energy and Air Quality Planning (IMPEAQ), RAP Publication, 2012.

James Christopher, co-author Rebecca Schultz, Climate-Friendly Air Quality Management: Strategies for Co-Control, RAP Publication, 2011.

James Christopher, co-authors Leah Weiss, Michelle Manion, and Gary Kleiman,“Building Momentum for Integrated Multi-Pollutant Planning: Northeast States’ Perspective”,Air & Waste Management Association Journal, pp. 25-29, 2007.

Co-control Collaboration Network

China is facing dual challenges to control air pollution and deal with climate change. It is a inevitable choice to ...

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