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Position:»Assessment and Demonstration

Assessment and Demonstration

Combining the international promotion experience of advanced environmental technology, the platform is a technology demonstration, identification and promotion mechanism, which is guided by state-level governments and supported by professional third parties. The mechanism has been applied to the ongoing pilot project in Shenzhen regarding off-road vehicle pollution control and prevention in their ports. Through preliminary analysis of the pilot project, we believe that the application of this mechanism can better implement the latest environmental standards and policy, as well as the optimization, demonstration and promotion of the successful and advanced environmental technology. The environmental technology demo platform has the following characteristics:

● Driven by environmental management demand, effectively supporting the technical implementation of new environmental policies

● Avoids the potential risk to the government of direct promotion or the endorsement of specific technology.

● Provides open information and amplifies the effect of the assessment. Demonstration records and technology performance data is available to the public, especially technology demanders and other local governments.

● Advanced technology can be promoted through the demonstration and pilot process, thus achieving co-development for the environmental industry.

● With the stepwise development of the air quality attainment management plan, provinces’ and cities’ environment department will gradually become the principal driving force in the implementation of local environmental policies. Therefore, we suggest that the environmental department in provinces and cities promote the implementation of environmental policies by adopting our technology demo platform to keep pace with the continuing demand for environment quality improvement.